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Ella Craig: Know all about the Eldest daughter of James Bond actor Daniel Craig 

Ella Craig

Hollywood marriages are a lot of times full of uncertainties. Couples meet, fall in love and separate very easily. These unions might be shorter in terms of the time frame but some of them happen to create the token of their love in the form of their children. Such short-lived couple is the pair of British actor Daniel Craig and Scottish actress Fiona Laudon. Their romance gave the world a chance to meet the beautiful Ella Craig. So what do we know about the eldest daughter of Daniel Craig? Let’s find out.

Early Life and Education

Ella Craig was born in 1992 in Edinburgh, Scotland to parents Daniel Craig and Fiona Laudon. Although Ella was born in the UK and both her parents British, she is of American nationality. Soon after her birth, her parents got divorced citing their marriage as immaturity. At the time of her parent’s separation, Ella was only two years old. Following the divorce, Fiona began raising Ella as a working single mother while Daniel supported her daughter as much as he could. Despite the differences between the ex-couple, both of them agreed on raising their daughter with great love and care.

Ella Craig young life

Ella Craig spent most of her early childhood period in London before moving to Massachusetts, USA at the age of 17. She attended a boarding school there. After finishing high school, following her parents’ footsteps, she enrolled in New York University to study theatre and acting. Since she was dealing with mental health issues and depression, she ended up dropping out of her college just one year after joining. Throughout her fight with depression, her family was very supportive of her and took care of her every need.

Her Acting Career

They say children oftentimes learn from their parents and try to imitate it. Ella Craig growing up surrounded by her actor parents must have been inspired her to chase a career in acting. To do so, she made her living arrangements in both New York and Los Angeles, two of the biggest cities for newbie actors. 

Since she was young, she always had a knack for acting. When she was only 11, she starred in a school production of the gangster comedy ‘Bugsy Malone’. For a serious acting job, Ella first started her acting career by working in a theatre production ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Shakespeare and company. Before landing a role in that production she was going through depression and on the verge of walking away from taking on the path of acting. Meeting up with the director of Shakespeare and Company changed her mind. After that, she also did two more plays with them. Those were ‘The Patsy’ and ‘The King Lear Project’. During her runs in these productions, she was praised by the co-founder and former artistic director of Shakespeare and Company who then went on to invite her to the company’s actor’s training intensive in January 2017.  

Even though, Ella was never the type of person to stick with conventional classes, joining the actor’s intensive training turned out to be rather fruitful to her career. She recounted her experience there as the best training that gave her a clear understanding of what she was doing. Following the end of her training program, she was so good that she got the role of Miranda in ‘The Tempest’. After that, she also played the role of Guiderius in Cymbeline and Banquo in the ‘Macbeth’. She then starred in her fourth collaboration with Shakespeare and Company ‘As You Like It’ alongside fellow actor and friend Nigel Gore. 

Ella Craig movie

Apart from theatre production, Ella Craig has also become part of multiple movies. In 2007, she starred in a short movie ‘Memory’s Paradigm’ as the character of Kailey. In 2010, she appeared in movies like Cold Blood and Texas Road. According to IMDB, Ella also acted out as a body double in the movie Nara. in 2017, she appeared in a short movie called ‘Maneater’ that revolves around a young woman navigating the modern dating world. After a year later, she also appeared in the movie ‘Trauma is a Time Machine’. 

Besides her acting credits, we also know that she bartends time to time in Hudson, New York where she lives. She emphasized on the fact that bartending helps her with her acting. She gets to meet a lot of great actors and different types of people who have different perceptions and values. 

Personal life 

Not much is known about her personal life. Like her parents, she is relatively private about her personal life. She is relatively more active in social media often posting photos related to her work and other creative works. We also know that she has a dog named Chica. She also likes to travel. Ella has a step-brother and a step-sister from her father’s side. As for her relationships, we do not have any definitive source regarding if she is seeing someone or not. One thing is for sure that she is not married but one day hopes to meet someone, have chickens and someday even a child.

Net Worth

After working as a theatre actor and appearing in some movies, she might have been able to amass a quite good amount of income. Though there is no official net worth of Ella, she might be living a comfortable life. Her father, on the other hand, is worth 90 million US dollars as of 2019.

Ella Craig’s Relationship with her Parents



Nobody knows the details regarding how Daniel Craig and Fiona Laudon first met and how their courtship began. They were first linked with each other after news regarding their affair started circulating in 1991. The following year, the couple got married and had Ella after a few months. After staying with each other for two years, the couple called it quits. They cited both of them being young and immature as the problems with their marriage. After the divorce, Ella was supported by both her parents but she stayed with her mother. That does not mean, Daniel was anywhere behind in terms of caring and being there for her daughter. 


Despite the bitter end of her parent’s relationship, Ella is the single thread that is still keeping all of them together. Ella is very close to her father. They are often photographed together taking walks. Ella also posts sweet photos of her family on her social media project. Daniel Craig is an A-list superstar who has his hands full of different projects almost all the time. Even during these times, he still makes time for his children emphasizing that being a father is the most wonderful thing happened to him.

Daniel Craig with wife Rachel Weisz


Just as much of Daniel’s career accomplishments are long, his relationship list is also quite fitting. It makes people thinking if playing James Bond is just an enactment of his own life. While he dated many beautiful women, he finally got married to actress Rachel Weisz with whom he had been friends for a long time. His daughter also has a very good relationship with her step-mom. She was one of the four people who attended the secret wedding of Craig and Weisz. It was reported that Ella was very excited to have another sibling who was born on September 1, 2018.

Ella Craig is really lucky to have understanding parents who were able to put aside their issues to raise her to be the strong, confident and career-oriented woman she is now. With such a promising career, there is more to see how much she will grow in the future.

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