Biography of Clint’s Son: Kyle Eastwood

Kyle Eastwood at the Jazz Cafe, London.

American jazz bassist Kyle Eastwood is a son of a legend, Clint Eastwood. Although his family background is from Hollywood, he ended up his career with the music platform. His savvy music taste includes contemporary jazz and acoustic post-bop. He is one of the demanded jazz performer and bandleader in America.

Today, we’re revealing the profile of jazz bass musician Kyle Eastwood.

Early life

Kyle Eastwood was born on 19th May 1968 in Los Angeles, California, US. He is the elder son of a great actor Clint Eastwood and Margaret Neville Johnson. Margaret Neville Johnson is the first wife of director Clint. His parents were a devotee of jazz music and played the piano. His grandmother was a voice teacher at the Northwestern University in Illinois. Actor/director Alison Eastwood is the only sister of Kyle and his paternal half-siblings are Scott Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, Kathryn Eastwood, Kimber Lynn Eastwood and Morgan Eastwood.

Eastwood learned to play piano from his home which later became his passion. He took the film education graduated from the University of Southern California before entering the music industry.

Career Pathway

Award-winning Director Clint Eastwood was a fan of jazz music and his 8 years old son Kyle joined him in Monterey Jazz music festival several times. Clint was a self-taught pianist and he trained his beloved son Kyle to play piano. Blues number and After Hours were the first jazz numbers learned by Kyle Eastwood from his father Clint.

American jazz performer began his career with piano. Later on, he started playing bass guitar in high school, learning R&B and reggae. He plays double bass and electric double bass. He admires the great musicians Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan, John Huston, John Ford and Stanley Kubrick. He also got an opportunity to meet many musicians. This fact also influences him to get into this field. After getting trained by French bassist Bunny Brunel, Kelly dive into the music industry.

In the initial days, Eastwood plays gigs in New York City and Los Angeles. In 1996, he formed his quartet and became the best jazz player during 90’s.

Bass player and composer Kelly’s first solo debut album ‘From Here To There’, was released in 1998. His composition consists the original jazz standards which revive the jazz music lovers.  His other collections are Paris Blue (2004) with electric-jazz, Now (2006) with 70’s tinged smooth jazz ascents, Metropolitan (2009) with contemporary taste featuring drummer Manu Katche, keyboardist Eric Legnini, and trumpeter Till Brönner, Songs from the Chateau(2011), The View From Here(2013) and Time Pieces (2015). His most appreciated work was Songs from the Chateau. He paired with trumpeter Graeme Flowers and saxophonist Graeme Blevins for this beautiful composition.

Kelly released his latest album ‘In Transit’ in 2017. He added his sensual and melodic elegance in his latest music compositions. Saxophonist Stefano Di Battista is featured as a guest appearance in his latest release.

Besides working as a musician with his originals, Eastwood also works on several projects of his father, documentaries and also performed in many music festivals. Some movies in which both father-son worked together includes The Rookie (1990), Mystic River (2002), Million Dollar Baby (2004), Flags of Our Fathers (2006), Letters from Iwo Jima (2006), Changeling (2008), Gran Torino (2008), Invictus (2009) and J. Edgar (2011).

Apart from the music industry, Kyle also acted in some movies. He played as the American Boyfriend in movie Summer Hours (2008). He also performed in his father’s movies like Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) and Gran Torino (2008).

Married Life

Kelly Eastwood is a married man. His married life is going well in the present days. However, he divorced his first wife Laura Gomez in 2006. This couple has a beautiful daughter named Graylen (born in 1994). His daughter also followed her father’s pathway and plays the drum.

Kelly again married to Cynthia Ramirez in the year 2014. This couple got married at Clint’s hotel “The Mission Ranch” in California. They used to live in New York City for a few years. But now, they are in Paris. France is the country of Jazz lover which is the reason why Kelly moved here.

Net Worth

American Jazz player, Kyle Eastwood maintains the net worth of about $10 millions from his music life.