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Rafael Thomas Baldwin: Rap up the Whole Story About Alec Baldwin’s First Baby Boy


A Glimpse on Rafael’s Profilerafael-baldwin

Rafael Thomas Baldwin is one of the widely held names among the celebrity kid. Born on June 17, 2015, in the beautiful city of New York, Rafael is the first baby boy in Baldwin’s family. He was raised and grew up to a celebrity parent’s actor Alec Baldwin and yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin. Since his star father is of English, French-Canadian, German, Irish and Scottish descent and mother is of Spanish descent, Rafael belongs to mixed ethnicity and holds an American Nationality. Rafael not only loved and popular by the family but also equally known in the entertaining showbiz. Talking about his siblings, Rafael has altogether four siblings, two brothers and two sisters namely Leonardo Angel Charles, Romeo Alejandro David, Carmen Gabriela Baldwin, and Ireland Baldwin. Among his two sisters, Carmen is his biological sister. And his other big sister named Ireland is the daughter of Alex Baldwin and his former wife Kim Basinger. 

Reasons Behind His Unique Name

Rafael is mostly known by his nickname Rafa that his family members call him with love. However, his name creation has its meaning. Rafael’s middle name Thomas was uniquely held with the nod to Hilaria’s Maiden name, Thomas. As we already stated that Rafa was their first baby boy and it might be the reason that Hilaria shared almost every picture of her entire pregnancy with Rafa. She also shared one post with Rafa on Instagram and posted that, “I hope you understand my intention here: I believe it is important to accept and love our form after going through a bit of a battle bringing life into this world.”

Bitter Truth About Baldwin’s Familyrafael-baldwin-family

As we already mentioned that Rafael is the first son of Alec Baldwin and his second wife Hilaria Baldwin. Before marrying his mother, Alec was already a divorcee guy who had already tied a knot with a famous actress, singer and former fashion model, Kimila Ann Basinger. Kimila aka Kim Basinger married her love Alec in 1993. Just two years later, they were blessed with one baby girl named Ireland Eliesse Baldwin. Today, Ireland is popular for her profession as an American fashion model and actress. Later, Alec and Kim’s relationship didn’t last forever, she filed for divorce in 2001. The several rumors appeared during their breakup time. Among them, it had been told that behind their divorce, the main role played by Basinger’s father who told People magazine the actor’s “anger” caused Basinger to pull the plug on their relationship. 

And we all know that the parents’ divorce mainly affects the lives of children. The same thing happened in Ireland’s life. It took some time for her to emotionally heal from her parents split up. Now, she already overcomes herself and gives her best in every shot of career. After broken up with his first wife, Alec finally found his love partner in Hilaria Balwin. And he picked Hilaria as his wife and tied their knot in June 2012. 

Rafael’s Lovely Parents─ Alec & Hilaria BaldwinAlec-Baldwin-Hilaria-Thomas

Talking about his lovely parents, the two encounter for the first time at Pure Food and Wine restaurant in New York in February 2011. She shared her first meeting experience with Alec and told that “Alec kept looking over at me the whole time. When he finally got up to leave the restaurant, he reportedly walked over to her, took her hand, and repeatedly asked her, “Who are you, who are you?” Further, she added that “If you’re feeling a bit skeeved out, you’re not alone, but to the one person who matters, the move was a good one. I fell in love with him very quickly and very easily.” 

Their meetings didn’t end there at the restaurant but they further closed due to the reason related to Alec’s health. Because of Alec’s poor health, Hilaria was the one who took good care of him by giving her precious time for his food and exercise. And her care took a good result by losing his weight which helped him to look a lot younger than the past. After dated for several years together, this couple decided to get a knot. However, the problem created about their age gap. But they two overcome this problem and finally moved on towards a deep relationship and in April 2012, they announced their engagement and just two months later, this lovely couple happily tied their knot on June 30 at the New York City’s St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.

Hilaria shared Alec’s straight forward response about kids and told US Weekly that “I’m at the age where I need to be serious with who I meet and I need to put all my cards on the table and tell you what I want.” Further, she added that “I was dealing with guys my age who would maybe call me back. But Alec was very upfront with what he wanted in the beginning. He really wanted to have more kids.”

Blessing with four Siblingsalec-baldwin-hilaria-kids

Hilaria always shares beautiful pictures and post with her kids that’s why we all get to know a lot about their enjoyable life. She and her lovely husband never disappoint their children and always keep their children away from the limelight. And finally talking about Rafael’s lovely siblings, he is blessed with four siblings- two brothers and two sisters. He has two gorgeous sisters who both are older than him namely Ireland Baldwin (born on October 23, 1995), and Carmen Gabriela Baldwin (born on 23 August 2013). Further, he has two younger brothers namely Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin (born on September 12, 2016), and Romeo Alejandro David (born on May 2018). And we all believe that these kids are lucky to have parents like Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin.

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