Robert Hawking: All About Eldest son of Stephen Hawking.


If the case wasn’t messed up with the Movie, Theory of Everything, Stephen’s death has a stirred a mix of various eyeballs! As the world is still mourning over the loss of one of the brilliant minds of the modern century, Stephen Hawking, the world is suddenly has grown interested in his personal life.

Robert Hawking is the eldest son of the theoretical physicist himself. But is it the only story to talk about the son of the cosmologist? Let’s break down the details.

Synopsis: Why Robert Hawking got a sight from Media?

It is certain that most of the children of famous people get fame. Here Robert Hawking is simply recognized as the eldest son of world’s famous scientist Stephen Hawking. People are more curious to know about him after his father’s passing on 14th March 2018. Although he is talented software engineer he is relatively more exposed to media than his siblings on being the eldest son of Stephen Hawking and his contribution to taking care of his father.

 Early life and Childhood


Robert hawking was born on 30th April 1967 to father Prof. Stephen Hawking and mother Jane Wilde Hawking. Stephen Hawking was a renowned Physicist, cosmologist, author, and professor whereas Jane Hawking is well known for her journal “Making a trip to infinity: my life with Stephen, The academy award selected motion picture.

Robert’s childhood spent with his two siblings Lucy and Timothy. Taking care of his father, who was suffered from motor neuron disease, was one of the major parts of his childhood. His childhood was not as simple as his siblings. Roberts’s parents Stephen and Jane got divorced in 1995 then Stephen was married to his nurse Elaine Mason in 1996 whereas Jane later married to Jonathan Jones, the musician in 1996. Eline was blamed to have taken advantage of Stephen hawking wealth.

This is why children’s had to make a regular visit to their father. They were suspicious of having domestic violence on Stephen. Mason and Stephen both denied on the statement of having domestic violence. Later, Mason and Elaine got separated in 2006.

According to Stephen, Robert was only the child who had interest in science as a kid. He wanted to become a scientist like his father but could not follow his father’s footsteps later he switched his career to software engineering.

Education and Career: Scientist or an Engineer?

He might not be as renowned as his father, but Robert too has the education and work to brag about. Robert did his graduation in engineering from Oxford University. Currently, he works at Microsoft as a senior software engineer. Initially, he worked and stayed in Canada then later shifted to Washington.

Personal Life: Family, Children, Sibling, Net worth

Robert Hawking is a happily married person with two children; a daughter and a son. He has well settled and satisfied life with a net worth of around 5 million. He has a good relationship with his siblings, Lucy and Timothy.

Stephen Hawking with the cast of Theory of Everything

Sister Lucy is a journalist and novelist. She studied journalism at city university later she switched her career as a writer. She has written children focused books and well known for her novel “George’s Secret key to the universe.”  Brother Timothy graduated from Exeter University in Spanish and French. Now, Tim works with “The Leo Group”.

Other Interesting facts

  • Robert hawking is also portrayed in his father’s biographical movie ” The theory of Everything”
  • He has participated in ALS Ice Bucket challenge with his family.