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Laura Woods: Here We Go To Know Every Deep Insight about UK’s Leading Female Sports Broadcaster


A Glimpse about Sports Rising Star, Laura Woods

An energetic and warm hearted lady, Laura Woods took herself in the world of the sports industry. Laura, a rising star of sports broadcasting welcomes as a presenter, reporter, and writer. Further, she is a former runner and producer before she took her career towards a presenter. Now, she is a famous reporter on Sky Sports’ Darts. As a reporter, she began by reporting numerous sports which included the NFL International Series Wembley and Sky Sports first ever children’s TV Show Game. Today, she deals with a number of media outlets like Arsenal FC, Premier League Productions and talkSPORT.

The world of the male-dominated sports industry, she stepped and wins by presenting herself as a UK’s leading female sports broadcaster. The name Laura Woods has become one of the renowned names in the sports sector. With no doubt, everyone wants to work with Woods because of her hardworking and thirst nature. Due to her passion and diligent to works, she has become one of the motivational and inspiring lady for many people, especially for women. Moreover, in order to bring change, she also follows the pathways of inspiring and evergreen women such as Kelly Cates, Gabby Logan, and Jacqui Oatley.

A Little sight on her early days & Level of Training

Talking about Laura’s early days, she was born on July 2, 1978, in London, Neutral. She was welcomed as the lovely daughter by the lovely parents, where the mother and father’s names are still not revealed. Since her childhood days, she was raised and grew up with her parents in London along with her two handsome brothers. Since her childhood age, she was interested in the sports field. Interestingly her father and two brothers influenced and encouraged to put her footsteps in the field of sports. That’s why her passion in sports helped her to move and involve herself to pursue her dreams. Later, following her pathways, she has become one of the most demanding lady sports broadcasters in the United Kingdom.

Now, moving towards her educational background, Laura joined Kingston University and got her BA degree in print journalism. And the other information regarding her educational background is unknown yet. After achieving all her educational degrees, she used it in her career and moved to the sports field looking for her prolific career.

Her prolific Career & Professional Achievementlaura-woods-career

It’s natural for everyone that during the struggling phase of career building, we all are surrounded by various challenges. But we have to keep going until the destination has not reached. When speaking about the journey of Wood’s fruitful career, apart from other women, Woods had to face quite more challenges in her career pathways.

During her starting stage, just after gaining her BA Hons in print journalism, she worked as a runner making coffees and teas at Sky Sports in 2009 before her way to a producer. She then learned about producing shows, editorial parts and started to work that Sky Sports covered. And finally, Laura began by reporting numerous sports mainly the NFL International Series Wembley and Sky Sports first ever children’s TV Show Game. Later, Laura’s hard work pay off, she got an opportunity to join Soccer AM’s first ever Youtube Chanel as a host for a week. She deals with a number of media outlets like Arsenal FC, Premier League Productions and talkSPORT. In one interview she shared her experience and said, “I had already done a week’s work experience in a newspaper and decided it wasn’t for me. As soon as I went into TV it was like color-everything was exciting and new. The people, the personalities and the characters.”

On every Sunday lunchtime on Sky Sports, Laura anchors their Premier League output on the 1.30 pm game on Super Sunday. Her Monday spent on Sky Sports by hosting the popular ‘Debate’ show between two former players where the two tackle the leading football stories around the world. Amazingly, besides her TV side, her fan got the chance to hook her on the radio too. Laura with her marvelous voice comes every Saturday evening anchoring the live Premier League game on talkSPORT and later hosting the Full-Time Phone-in, just after the final whistle. Every Friday night she comes with her own show ‘The Season Ticket with Danny Kelly’ on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.

We already discussed that she stepped her path in the world of the male-dominated sports industry. But without giving up and hardworking she wins by awarding herself as a UK’s top female sports broadcaster.

What about her Relationship? – “Single or?”

This query always comes in everyone’s mind if you belong to the one who is the UK’s most demanding Leading Female Sports Broadcaster. And for Laura, it is obviously the familiar question and it’s really hard to keep them out of gossips. Gossips and rumors often bring a great issue if celeb shares any of their personal information. Woods always manages to keep her personal life under the public figure. However, that doesn’t mean that she secretly keeps her love affair in private. Moreover, she has never found to be in a relationship with any guy. And from all these, we can say that Laura is neither married nor have a relationship with any of the man. All in all, it seems that she is such a girl who always gives her first priority to her career.

Most Tragic Moments in her lifelaura-woods

Social media always play a vital role in every celebs life. It reminds you all the time that you’re there. More especially for those female celebs who chose her career in a different field. The same thing happened in the life of Woods. One of the tragic moment for Laura’s life was when one of the Twitter users asked her when she is “joining Brazzers”. However, Laura didn’t get demotivated and keep going to chase her path. Once when she gave an interview to Daily Mirror, she simply said, “Social media will tell you all the time you’re there because you’re a woman, you’re this, you’re that but if that was the case, I would have broken into presenting ten years ago.”

She further added, “It took me ten years to work to get to this point. People aren’t just going to put you on the screen if you don’t know what you’re talking about. You have to work equally as hard as men, and in areas harder because the audience is going to be tough on you because there’s a level of (skepticism) as some may assume you don’t know what you’re talking about or you’re there to balance the books.”

Whatever happened in Twitter’s account she strongly gave an answer “Ultimately that just makes me work harder. If that’s what I need to gain your respect. I’ll keep working hard, I think it makes me a better presenter, makes me a better researcher and it makes and it makes me work harder. I don’t mind the scrutiny. The criticism can sometimes be hard to take but again that’s something that pushes you on as well and you have to take social media with a pinch of salt. You can’t base your whole life on how you’re based on social media.”

She further added, “Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice when you read something that’s a compliment. Of course, it’s going to be an ego boost but, at the same time, you’ve got someone who doesn’t think you’ve done a very good job. But the people that matter to me are the people who have faith in me and have put me in this position because they’ve seen how hard I work.”

About Laura’s Hardworking Rewards – “Net Worth”laura

Now, finally speaking about Laura’s net worth, after being spending almost a decade in the Sports industry, she had gathered a beautiful net worth. She is well-known in the social media and earned an abundant income as a presenter, reporter, and writer. That’s why if we are talking about her net worth or her hardworking rewards, we can assume that her net worth is somehow fruitful. However, the exact net worth of Laura Woods is still under review.

Her Active Role in Social Media

When it comes to social media, known as a UK’s top female sports broadcaster Personality, she is active in social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She loves social media and one of its active users. Being a recognized face is followed by 111k followers on Instagram, and 166.6k followers on Twitter. Her almost every social media accounts are full of sports news.

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