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Luciana Bozan Barroso: Bio and Unknown facts about Matt Damon’s Wife


A Short introduction of Luciana Bozan Barroso

Luciana Bozan Barroso, widely known as the wife of famous Hollywood star Matt Damon and is a former air hostess. Matt and Luciana, both are popular as one of the most cherished and successful couples of Hollywood and now about to enter their 13th successful marital year. However, being as a wife of popular stars of Hollywood, Luciana always be able to stay herself out of the limelight. On various event, Matt even thanked his wife, Luciana, for always keeping him out of tabloids and make sure to keep him as far as from Paparazzi to continue a lifestyle without any interruptions.

Luciana Barroso’s Early Childhood and Education

Born on 31st July 1976, in Salta, Argentina, as Luciana Bozan Barroso, she belongs to White-Argentinean ethnicity and holds an Argentinean Nationality. After her birth, Luciana’s parents got divorced and she was with her mom. Then, later her mom felt difficult to raise her, so, she requested her parents to take good care of Luciana. After that, she grew up with her grandparents. Her mother was a simple housekeeper and her father worked as an agent in an insurance company. Luciana grandparents belong to Italy but for a better life, she and her grandparents moved to Argentina.

Talking about her education, from her early schooling, her passion was on arts and literature and wanted to become an artist. So in order to achieve her aim, she got her Arts degree from the local college. But later she diverted her interest toward Air-Hostess and become a former Air-Hostess.

Barroso’s Career and Professional Life

Luciana faced various challenges during her childhood and also not able to find a job for her further study. In order to pay her various bills, she did a temporary job as a flight attendant. Further, she worked as a bartender in Miami, Florida. After that, she enjoyed her jobs as an Air-Hostess where she was able to put smiles on her customer’s face. She also seemed on various TV shows like, “Extra and Entertainment Tonight”.

Luciana Barroso’s Family and Personal Life


Luciana Barroso and her Ex-Husband Arbello Barroso

In the mid 90’s, Luciana first married with Arbello Barroso and welcomed their beautiful daughter, Alexia in 1999. After a few years (the Year 2004) of their marriage, they got divorced and she worked as a bartender in Miami, The reason behind their divorce is unknown. They never talked about their personal life and insult each other in public. The relation among Luciana, Matt (Current husband) and Arbello are still healthy.

Luciana and her Current Husband Matt Damon


After her divorce with Arbello Barroso, she moved to Miami with her daughter who was just four years old. In April 2003, while working as a bartender, she met Matt Damon who was shooting a movie, “Stuck on You”. They started to talk and have some drink. After that, they continuously met each other and started to like each other.

In September 2005, Matt and Luciana got engaged and married on December 9, 2005. Their wedding was simple because they didn’t want any unnecessary attention. They simply exchanged rings at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau. The lovely couple gave birth to three beautiful daughters, Isabella (2006), Gia Zavala (2008) and Stella (2010). Matt legally adopted Luciana’s daughter, Alexia who is 16 years old and became a stepfather of Alexia. Till now, Matt and Luciana gives a lot of love, care to their beautiful four daughters as a responsible parent. Soon, Alexia is all set to make a big debut on big screen.

Luciana Barroso’s Net Worth and Body Measurements

The information regarding Luciana’s Net Worth has not been revealed yet. However, being as the wife of a famous Hollywood star, Matt Damon whose net worth is $160 million, she has been living a beautiful time with her successful husband and beautiful kids. Further, she might have earned a handsome sum of money from her career as Air-Hostess. In 2017, they settled in Brooklyn house which is $16.645 million worth.

Is She Active in Social Sites or Not?

Luciana has very low interaction and keeps herself a very low in social media. Due to her reserved nature, she does not fully open and shares a kind of pictures and stuff on her social sites. She has low followers in her Twitter and she was requested to visit on Instagram by her fans to share her latest pictures and ongoing events.

There are very few rumors and Paparazzi rarely go after her family. The beautiful couple Matt and Luciana are only captured on cameras only when they attend movie premiers and sometimes events together.

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