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An Untold Story behind an Iconic Superstar, Sylvester Stallone’s First Wife: Sasha Czack


A Brief Intro on Sylvester’s Former wife: Sasha Czack

Alexandra Jane Czack aka Sasha Czack is a well-known American actress, director, and a successful photographer. Sasha is notably famous for her works on TV series ‘Love of Life (1951)’, the short film ‘Long Lost Love (1996)’, and short drama ‘Vic (2006)’. Besides all this achievement, Czack is extremely popular for being the first wife of Sylvester Stallone, who is a renowned American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. Sasha, a brilliant and talented photographer gained popularity after working with Stallone’s film ‘Rocky’ that became one of the blockbuster movies and achieved three Oscars during that time. Along with Sasha, Filmmaker, Stallone also renowned for his work and became the Superstars of Hollywood.

The gorgeous lady, Sasha and her former husband Sylvester were one of the most popular and powerful couples in the film industry. Unfortunately, their married life didn’t last forever, they finally split-up after being 11 years together with two lovely kids namely Seargeoh and Sage. Same like her first marriage, her second marriage with Rick Ash also didn’t exist. Nowadays she is still single and spending her time taking care of her autistic son, Seargoh and keep herself active in Autistic Foundation.

Some Glimpse on her Early History and Educational Upbringing

Sasha Czack with her nickname Stitch was born on July 17, 1950, in Chester, Pennsylvania, the USA. Since her childhood days, she was raised and grew up with her lovely American parents. Stitch is American by her Nationality and holds a Caucasian ethnicity. From an early age, she was interested in acting and decided to give her career in film line. That’s all we got about her early days. The other related information about her early history is publicly unavailable.

Now, moving towards her educational backgrounds, Sasha got her advanced schooling from St John’s Senior High School. After completing her high school level, she joined the University of Notre Dame du Lac, United States and did her bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. After achieving all her educational degree, she used it in her career and moved towards looking for acting assignments, movie roles both in television and film industry.

Sasha’s Journey to Fruitful Career and Professional Achievement Sasha-Czack-career

Professionally speaking, Stitch has had a quite good career and achieved a big success in her active years. From a very young age, she started her career as an aspiring young actress and did some role in the television series. Her hard work pays on, she got her first break in the TV series named “Love of Life” directed by Roy Winsor that aired on CBS network from 24 September 1951 to 1 February 1980. Later, with her brilliant work from her debut, she got another chance for the drama “Play It As It Lays” by Frank Perry in the year 1972. However her former husband, Sylvester denied the opportunity and kept herself on the film project and helped him in typing screenplay.

Besides acting, she is one of the brilliant Photographer and her passion for photography took her into another level to achieve her fruitful career. Talking about her photography career, she worked as a lead photographer for the blockbuster movie named “Rocky” which was released in the year 1976. Amusingly, that movie was directed by her own husband, Sylvester Stallone and the best part was the film won three Oscars which was the big achievement for her as well as Sylvester’s career. After a long time, Sasha again came with great energy and worked as a writer and director for the short movie “Long Lost Love” in 1996. And in 2006, she served herself in the role of Lily and gave her best performance in the American short film “Vic” which was directed by her first son, Sage. The movie was released on January 1, 2006, and after a long time, she took her camera only for her son’s film and also worked as a photographer. And that’s all about her fruitful career as an actress, writer, director, and a successful photographer.

Sasha Czack’ Personal Life: Family and Life Partner

  • Sasha and Sylvester First Meeting and Married Life Before Divorcesasha-sylvester

Frankly talking about the love life of Sasha and Sylvester, this love bird first met in the film industry. Though Sasha made her place in the film industry, she popularly came into the limelight after having a knot with the superstar, Sylvester Stallone on 28 December 1974. Just after one year, the lovely couple was blessed with the first baby boy named Sage Stallone on May 5, 1976.  Sasha and Sylvester beautifully attended The 34th Annual Golden Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, the United States on 29 January 1977. When Sage was 3 years old, on 5 February 1979 he got a little brother named Seargeoh Stallone. Everything was going well, later the news about her younger child who was suffering from autism made the family broke down. After that Sasha decided to retire as a photographer and gave her every second for her child and also took an active part in the activities of The Autistic Foundation in the US.

After having 11 years of togetherness, due to some personal reason, the pair decided to separate and finally split-up on 14 February 1985. Their divorce was settled after giving $12 million to Sasha and their divorce settlement became one of the records in the history at that time. After the divorce, she again married to Rick Ash and we already stated their married didn’t last forever and ended by having split-up.

  • Reasons Behind their Split-up and Life After divorce with Her Ex-Husbands

From the various sources, it was revealed that in the married life of this lovely couple ‘Sasha and Sylvester’ faced problems when the younger child Seargeoh was diagnosed with autism. And finally, this leads towards their marriage to a troublesome path and ends their married life after spending a decade with each other.

Sasha after struggling with her life finally moved on and in 1996 she again came back in her career and worked as a writer and director on the short movie “Long Lost Love”. And once more began her life with her second husband Rick Ash in 1997 who also served with her first husband Sylvester on the popular filming location of Shade (2003). Rick is an artist known for his work in the films like ‘Crash’ (2004) and the 2006’s worldwide release, ‘Snake on a Plane.’ Their marriage too was short-lived and finally broke up just after two years in 1999. With Rick, she has no kids.

  • Heart-breaking phase in Czack’s lifesasha-sage

Sasha’s elder son from her first husband took the path of his father and gave his directional debut with the short movie named “Vic” which was released in 2006. And for his movie, Sasha played the role of Lily and after long time gave herself a second chance as a photographer only for her lovely son, Sage.

Later sorrowfully, Sage became only the memory for everyone. On July 13, 2012, Sasha had to lose her eldest son due to the suspected drug overdose. Sage’s body was lying dead in his house which was found by his housekeeper. After moving from such a breakthrough phase, currently, Sasha is still single and enjoying her life with her younger son, Seargeoh.

Later after a while, Sasha finally opened up about the death of her son Sage. She blamed the painkillers he was taking before two weeks of his death. He took 5 pills after removing his tooth. When making a conversation with Sasha some info was disclosed and she emotionally said that “I told him not to do that. I’ve heard about people dying having multiple procedures done to your mouth. Do not have more than one tooth [pulled].”

How Rich is Sasha Czack?

Being as the ex-wife of renowned celebrity Sylvester, Czack somehow has earned a fruitful amount of money in her career.  Previously, we have already talked about her divorce settlement which finally settled in $12 million. And that settlement was known in the history at that time. Now finally talking about her Net worth, although her accurate net worth is still unavailable yet. But from the various sources, it has been estimated that her net worth is around 4million.

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