Timothy John Mowry: Know more about his personal life and some unknown controversy


Timothy John Mowry, is a well-known US military Veteran and retired first sergeant. He is mostly known as the father of twin sister Tia and Tamera Mowry. This gorgeous twin sister has been recognized and earned their fame from the shows like “Sister-Sister” and “The Game”. As his daughter, Timothy was extremely popular as decorated serviceman at his time.

Timothy Mowry’s Early Background and Career

Born on January 4, 1957, Timothy is an American citizen and of Irish ethnicity. He was raised in Miami, Florida. From the early age, because his father was a sports person, he was taught about different sports and even yoga and active in various sports events. But unfortunately, he didn’t receive any achievements at his high school years. Timothy completed his high schooling from Miami, Florida where his four kids mother or his wife, Darlene Renee Flowers met each other.

After the graduation, due to the discipline and strict nature of his family, he made the decision to join in the Army. His selection in country army team started his journey to Military. He quickly passed both physical as well as mental test and held the rank of first sergeant (1SG). He was responsible for administrative part and leading battalion force. Due to this, Mowry quickly presumed as the role of a fatherly figurehead in his department.

After giving his several years’ service for US military, he retired and moved to California. There, he worked as a custody officer in the city of Glendale Police Department. During this period, he is fully enjoying his retirement life and his three kids have done a great job in their acting career and one in sports.

Timothy’s lovely family


After giving several years for the military, Timothy who is white and has Irish ancestry met his lovely wife, Darlene Renee Flowers, an Afro- Bahamian background. They became friends but, she was worried that due to his demanding job he will be unable to give her time. However, she recognizes his role and started their relation. After a few years, they got married and have four kids. They have twin beautiful daughters, Tia and Tamera and two handsome sons, Tahj and Tamor. Born on July 6, 1978, only just by 2 minutes Tamera is the big sister of Tia. Both twin sisters were born in Gelnhausen in West Germany. Tia and Tamera are famous American actress started their career from television series Tia & Tamera aired from Aug 8, 2011, to September 22, 2013.

This lovely couple gave birth to their third child Tahj (May 17, 1986) and fourth Tavior Mowry (5 July 1993). Tahj is also an American actor who is popular for his TV series like Baby Daddy. In an interview, he said that his father is his strength and ideal dad. The younger child of Mowry, Tavior isn’t active in the entertainment sector. He is popular for sports like his father and plays football.

There are altogether three grandchildren of Timothy and Darlene. This three kids, Cree, Aden, and Ariah were kids of Timothy’s two daughters Tia and Tamera. Tia and Tamera give their father military discipline to their daughter and sons.

Timothy Mowry’s Rumors and Controversy

In past, from the unknown sources, it has gossiped that there were some issues about their marriage. Because they are from different background, there were no doubts that there may come some racial slurs thrown to them. And even in those days, the US Army policy along with court marital rules on disapproval restricts such activities.

Timothy Mowry is, however living a happy life with his beautiful wife and four children. There is no such rumors and controversy regarding his personal as well as professional life.

According to Tamera Mowry, “They were a happy family of six growing beyond the race restrictions.”

John’s Salary and Net Worth

There is no information regarding his salary and net worth.

Is Timothy active in Social Media or not?

Although being a father of popular kids, Timothy and his wife keeps them low in the involvement of popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and so on which are emerging day by day. However, there is a lack of information regarding their social media profile.