Pasionaye Nguyen: Has Nguyen “Tyga’s mom” ever been married?

Micheal Ray Nguyen-Stevenson also referred to as Tyga is a rapper you probably have heard, if not hummed his few numbers even without knowing the singer. The Young Money star started as an independent rapper before moving mainstream. Whether it’s his albums or it’s his personal life antics, the boy has always spilled controversies. From his legal battles to dating Kylie Jenner when she was just 16, the guy has had his share of media contention.

But although we know a lot about Tyga in general, there are few chapters in his life that remain secret especially about her mother Pasionaye Nguyen. Pasionaye is seen with her kid at various events but the Vietnamese are quite unknown to the world. Here we try to tap into the life of Tyga’s mother.

Early Life of Pasionaye Nguyen


Born in 1971 in the United States of America, Nguyen is an Afro-Asian and of Vietnamese descendant. Although having an Afro-Asian background, of Vietnamese ancestry, she holds an American nationality. Her mom Kim Nguyen (born in 1944) is a pure Vietnamese who lives in Los Angeles. Pasionaye has a younger sister named Cece Nguyen. Cese told that her mother Kim is not that good at speaking English.

pasionaye nguyen with son Tyga

Nguyen raised her son in a low socio-economic area of Compton. Being a single mother, she had to face different struggles in her life. She was one of the victims of domestic violence from her companion Michael Stevenson who is currently imprisoned.

Pasionaye’s Married Life: Is She a divorcee?

Tyga’s father Michael Stevenson is of Afro Jamaican descent. Nguyen and her husband lived in the city of Compton, California. When Nguyen was 16, she gave birth to her lovely son, Michael Ray Stevenson (Tyga) on 19th November 1989. While all known that she raised Tyga all by herself, and there was no fact that she was ever married to Tyga’s father.

Some sources report that her husband lived a very rough life and had a bad reputation in Compton. He had several charges and spend most time behind bars and didn’t give his time to his family. From his disrespect and violent behavior, later they separated

. There is no information on Pasionaye’s remarrying with another guy. Her son Tyga posted many photos of her but never spoken about having a stepfather. Thus, from the various sources, there couldn’t find any relationship status of Tyga’s mom Pasionaye.

Nguyen’s relation with her son Tyga

Pasionaye Ngyuen and son Tyga

Ngyuen’s only son Nyga was born on 9 November 1989 in Compton, California. From an early age, he loves to listen to Eminem, Fabolous, Camron, Lil Wayne, and so on. Tyga is known as the Grammy Award-winning rapper for “Deuces”, which he performed with Chris Brown and Kevin McCall in 2010.

Up to the age of 12, she grew up with her child Tyga in Compton. After that, they shifted to Gardena, California. Nguyen is very proud of her son who has grown up as a successful rapper at an early age. Tyga’s most successful track on the album was Deuces which comes to No 14 out of the Billboard Hot 100.

Michael Ray Stevenson’s nickname and stage name “Tyga” was named by his mother Nguyen which means Tiger Woods. She named and called him Tiger because Tiger is of a mixed ancestry i.e. Asian, African American, Native American, and Dutch. Nguyen’s son’s stage name also denotes “Thank You God Always”. Pasionaye has always been supportive of her son’s choice of being a rapper from day one. However, she was worried about his rapid success.

In 2014, Kimmel invited her to his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Kimmel requested her to feature on his “Words From Your Mother” series where she was asked to perform the lines from the son’s song. However, she was not disappointed as she boldly read the lyrics to Tyga’s Rack City.

When the media smashed Tyga for his external relationship with an underaged Kylie Jenner (17 years), Pasionaye supports her son’s choice. She openly said that “As long as Michael’s happy, I am happy.”

Nguyen’s Net worth

Talking about Nguyen’s net worth, as not being a celebrity, her net worth is unknown. However, her son’s Tyga net worth is around $2 million. Currently, she lives with her son Tyga.