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Samantha Lewes: Biography of Tom Hanks Ex Wife


Before Tom Hanks was the heart robe of Rita Wilson, he was knocking strings with his high school sweetheart Samantha Lewes. For those who don’t know anything about Lewes, she is the mother of the American filmmaker, Colin Hanks, and Elizabeth Ann Hanks.

She is the woman who helped Hanks streamline his priority and focus on career. Lewes is one of the reasons why this veteran actor is at this stage of his career.

In a rare interview, he mentioned the responsibility of feeding his kid at an early age of 21. This definitely made him a better man.

The lovebirds were married for almost a decade before calling it quit.

With almost four decades in the film industry, Hanks is unarguably one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood.

Whether it’s through legendary performance in movies like Forrest Gump or from his geeky character, the guy has won every fan’s heart.

While it’s easy to say that we know everything about our favorite actor, there are few chapters of his past life that remains a mystery.

Samantha Lewes is one beautiful chapter of that book. Here we dethrone the biography of Tom Hanks first wife.

Early Background

Still, till this date, most people refer Hank’s ex-wife as Samantha Lewes. But actually, her real name is Susan Dillingham. Born on November 29, 1952, in San Diego, California, Susan Dillingham took her stage name at the late stage of her career.

She is an American actress and has appeared in a TV show, “Bosom Buddies” with her then-husband Tom Hanks.

Susan’s parental details haven’t been revealed to the media yet.

Samantha’s Relationship with Tom Hanks


Hanks and Lewes started dating while studying at Sacramento State University. After dating for few years, the couple married in a small function. Hanks was just 21 and Lewes was 25 at the time of marriage.

In an interview with Desert Island Discs, Hanks revealed that the prime cause of marrying Susan was his inability to fight loneliness.

From the start of his career from a theatre production, The Taming of the Shrew, Samantha stood side by side her husband.

She also led her to the red carpet of various movie premiers like the Splash.

After almost a decade of marriage, the couple separated in 1987. Even after the separation the duo remained friends and took dual custody of their kids.

Hanks then went on to marry Rita Wilson. He told Kristy Young the host of Desert Island Discs that he doesn’t feel lonely anymore. And Rita completes him like nobody.

Samantha Lewes Children: Colin & Elizabeth Hanks


Samantha and Hanks together have a son named Colin Hanks (Borninn 1977) and daughter Elizabeth Ann Hanks (Born on 1982). Colin was born before the couple tied knot in 1978.

Just like his father, Colin took acting as his career. He has starred in various A listed movies like King Kong and Orange County. He was also nominated for MTV movie awards for his performance in Orange County. Sadly, Sam wasn’t alive to witness the first breakthrough moment of his son’s career. Along with acting, he has also taken the step to filmmaking. his first documentary All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records that was released in 2015 were critically acclaimed.

Samantha’s daughter Elizabeth Ann Hanks, however, shares an outcast relationship with the public. She isn’t into entertainment industry like her brother. But she does have a profound image through her editorial positions in news outlets like Huffington Post.

Samantha’s Career

Samantha is mostly known for her relationship with Tom Hanks and is the mother of Colin Hanks. However, he has done few cameo gigs during her career. Starting her career in theatres, she landed few cameo roles in TV shows.

In the second season of Bosom Blossom, she played the role of Waitress. This is the same series where her husband Tom starred alongside Rita Wilson. This is the first time Tom met Rita.

She also made a special appearance as a customer in 1984’s Mr. Success.

Samantha Lewes Death


Samantha had to often pay a visit to the medical facilities due to her ongoing health issues. She later discovered that she was suffering from bone cancer. Although the veteran actor tried his best to keep her ex-wife alive, she passed away on March 12, 2002.

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