Elizabeth Ann Hanks: Get Everything about Superstar Tom Hanks’s Gorgeous Daughter

About Elizabeth Ann Hanks


Elizabeth Ann Hanks, a well-known name widely popular for being as the one and only daughter of Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks. Besides being famous for a celebrity kid, she is recognized for her role in “Forrest Gump” (1994) along with her father and “That Thing You Do! (1996). Furthermore, in 2015, she was presented in an independent movie “Anchorage”. Previously, she has worked as an assistant news editor at The Huffington Post. Nowadays she is working as the Children’s Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books and also posts some articles on her own blog.

Apart from that, Elizabeth and her elder brother Colin Hanks were the children of Tom Hanks and his late former wife Samantha Lewes. After her death in 2002 due to bone cancer, the two kids were together with Tom Hanks and his second wife Rita Wilson along with two siblings, Chester and Truman. Today, Elizabeth is a married woman. However, they still don’t have any kid yet.

Upbringing Days and Educational Backgroundelizabeth-tom-hanks

Elizabeth Ann Hanks as her nickname Liz was born on May 17, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She was welcomed as the second child and the only daughter by an Oscar-winning actor, Tom Hanks, and late Samantha Lewes. Moreover, brown-haired beauty belongs to Caucasian Ethnicity and holds an American Nationality. Her childhood days were all grown up under the limelight. She was raised by her parents in Sacramento and Los Angeles along with her brother Colin Hanks.

On January 24, 1978, Hanks parents, Tom and Samantha were married but in her early age in 1984, after being almost a decade of their marriage together, her parents decided to get the divorce and got finalized on 19 March 1987. After one year of their separation, her father married to Rita Wilson in 1988. In Hanks life, the biggest heartbreak time came up when the shocking news of her mother, Samantha bone cancer was discovered. And some period, on March 12, 2002, she had to lose her mother. Since Liz’s most of the childhood time was spent with her father and Stepmom Rita Wilson. That’s why she is still too close with her star father, Tom Hanks.

Talking about her educational background, in 2001, Elizabeth graduated from The Archer School for Girls, an expensive private college preparatory girl’s school in Brentwood, California. Then, she enrolled in Vassar College and got her Bachelor degree in Arts in  English Language and Literature/Letter in the Year 2004. Afterward, in a year between “2003-2004”, she also studied literature at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Currently, she is now a student of study-abroad at the same University. She can fluently speak English and Spanish.

Her Fruitful Career: As an Actress and Successful Writer and Editor

Born under the fame of her father, Liz was recognized as a star kid since her early age. She had gathered huge attention and highly motivated by her father’s hard work. Though her father, late mother, and stepmother are the popular leading actors, she decided to take the footsteps of her parents. The amazing part about Elizabeth was she had a minor role in one of her father award-winning American blockbuster comedy movie “Forrest Gump” in 1994. She also presented herself in the next movie “That Thing, You Do!” along with her father, Brother Colin and he stepmom Rita Wilson in 1996. Afterward, in 2015 she appeared as Paula in a short drama Anchorage. Through her acting career, she has gained a number of filmography credits and loves from her admirer.

Besides her acting career, currently, she works as the Children’s Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books. She had written several articles and is the former associate news editor at The Huffington Post, A World-Famous American News Website. Moreover, she also worked as a staffer at Vanity Fair magazine. And she has also contributed her hard work at The Guardian, The New York Times and other top US magazines. Till today she posts many articles in her own blog. Now, she is giving her full time on her novel for Random House.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks’ Personal Life: Family and Life Partner

A Glimpse of her Happy Familyelizabeth-family

As stated earlier, Liz is the second child of a famous actor, Tom Hanks and his late former wife, Samantha Lewes. She has an elder brother named Colin Lewes Hanks, a renowned actor as well as a filmmaker who tied his knot with a gorgeous lady Samantha Bryant . After their parents parted away, his father Tom married Rita Wilson and they had two sons named Chester Marlon ‘Chet’ Hanks and Truman Theodore. Some years later, Samantha passed away due to bone cancer and Tom and Rita officially took Elizabeth and Colin with them.

Elizabeth’s bonding with her father is beyond the words. They have really a great father-daughter relationship. In 2012, they both even found together strolling down the seaside at Malta. Although she and her brother Colin were from another wife, Rita always loved them like her two sons. Liz’s relations with her stepmom and siblings are found to be perfect. And they all live together like a happy family till today.

Is she really married?  If yes then how is her Married Life with her Unknown beloved?

When the topic comes to her married life, many reports or rumors claimed that Liz is married and living a happy life in Los Angeles. The married news was confirmed from her Facebook profile. Her Facebook profile expresses her lovely and peaceful life in Los Angeles. Just before a month ago, she also posted a picture enjoying her vacation in Punta Cana DR. And that place is famous for tourist destination in the Dominican Republic. So, to be true, she went on a romantic vacation with her beloved one. Afterward, it’s clear that she is a married woman. The gorgeous lady always keeps her private life away from the public eye. She is a quite secretive type of person that’s why her husband info is still not available yet. The interesting part is that we even don’t know about her wedding ceremony. And till today they don’t have any kids.

However, apart from all this, once in 2016, through her article, she shared her experiences till the age of 34 and gave a title ‘On turning 34’. She expressed multiple thought and said “I believe that your 30s is the decade when you realize: not everyone is going to make it. Not all dreams come true, not all marriages are happy, not all challenges are conquered.”

Also In her next article titled, ‘It’s time to stop playing the Girl That Got Away in your ex-boyfriend’s fantasies.’ she deeply wrote her feelings and emotional attachment with her husband. In one part she wrote that “We have all fallen in love with the idea of a person, rather than the reality. Funneled through the dim haze of nostalgia, it is even more difficult to remember former lovers with clarity – the human instinct to tell ourselves stories are too innate and our desire for fantasy over reality is too strong.”

From all these, all the fans were quite surprised about her married life. However, there are still no rumors about her divorce with that unknown husband.

About her Net Worthelizabeth

Frankly speaking, Liz is the one born as a member of a huge family of celebrities. Since her childhood, she has been living a luxurious life. Besides this when looking at her career, she is a well-established writer and has got a huge success in her career. From this, we can predict that she has accumulated a huge net worth and her wealth can be measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the exact information regarding her net worth hasn’t been totally disclosed yet.