Rory John Gates: Some Hidden Facts About The Microsoft Corporation Founder, Bill Gate’s Only Son

For every people in the world, it is not easy to be renown especially those not having a profession or discovering some new invention. However, talking to Rory John Gates, The one and only son of top business tycoon Bill Gates, didn’t necessitate to do anything to gain popularity. The main portion is that he just had to be born as a son of one of the richest person in the world, Bill Gates. Everyone around the world would like to be born and live his life but the interesting thing is he somehow does not feel the same as other. Although the young boy hasn’t achieved as much as his father, he is proud of what he has attained. That’s why if you have any questioning about anything related to Rory John Gates, then below would enlighten you, so stay tuned with us.

Rory John Gates- Brief Introduction


Rory John Gates, well known as the only son of top business magnate and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates. John is the second child of Bill and Melinda Gates. He has two beautiful sisters- the eldest one is Jenifer Katharine Gates and the youngest one is Phoebe Adele Gates. There is three years gap between each of them. Amusingly, although being a rich brat kid, he already seems to be more interested in global issues and keen to solve those problems. However, John is a little bit shy type guy and hardly makes his presence in public. Despite being the celebrity in his very early days, he also gathered appreciation at the very little age of 10 from the public. He was popular by writing a poem called ‘Diamante’ where he mentioned about physics of light, stars, and the black hole in his seven-line verse.

Rory John Gates- Upbringing Days and Educationrory-family

Rory John Gates was welcomed as the second child and the only son by Bill and Melinda Gates. He was born on March 23, 1999, in Seattle, Washington, the United States. Moreover, John belongs to White Ethnicity and holds an American Nationality and has English, Irish, German and Scots-Irish origin. He is the grandson of renowned American retired attorney, philanthropist, and author, William Henry Gates II and American businesswoman Mary Maxwell Gates. His father Bill Gates is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist and the founder of Microsoft Corporation whereas his mother Melinda Ann Gates is an American Philanthropist and Co-founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Being born into a rich family, he had everything that a normal person dreams of and very hardly gets. He was all grown up under the limelight. However, his parents always gave their best to live their children a normal life despite all wealthy status.

During the age of ten, he was interested in poetry and decided to write a poem on the physics of light. He had learned it from his father during his vacation in Europe. John requested his father to publish his seven-line diamond-shaped poem known as ‘Rory’s Diamante Poem’ where he mentions of light, stars and black hole. And the proud father publishes his son’s work in April 2010. After that, he became popular among the masses. His childhood was all about studying and interestingly he and his sisters are not allowed to use a mobile phone until they were 13. He got his first mobile phone in 2005 and he was ordered to give his password of social media to his father. He made his pocket money by doing his own share of house chores weekly. And along with his sisters, he was well-known as being the world’s richest kid since his father decided to give away $28 billion to charitable causes, and thereby descending to number two spot.

Since his childhood, John was very shy and appeared only with his family on social media. He has a strong bond with his family, especially with his mother. He loves to spend his most of the time with his mother. In one interview his mother proudly told that “He’s a great son and a great brother. He’s inherited his parents’ obsessive love of puzzles. But one of the things that makes me proudest is that Rory is a feminist.”

Now talking about his education background, John did his schooling from Lakeside School near his hometown in Seattle, Washington. The interesting fact is he went to the same school that his father attended. After graduated from high school, he joined at Duke University and took a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics. Later, he joined Fuqua School of Business and got his MBA degree.

Rory John Gates- Family and Personal LifeBill-Gates-Family

As we already talked about John being the only son of business magnate, Bill Gates and popular businesswoman Melinda Gates. He has altogether two sisters- Jennifer Katharine Gates (birth date: April 26, 1996) and Phoebe Adele Gates (birth date: September 14, 2002). During their early days, their parents always followed a strict rule to make sure they don’t become failed brats.

As we already told that John and his sisters were not allowed to use mobile phones until they were 13. During one interview with Bill Gates, he talked that why it’s not a good choice to give cell phones to the kids under the age of 13. And he said that ‘What you really feel is what you’ve achieved. If a piece of software gets out there a lot of people love it – it lets them get their work done in better ways – that’s exciting.”

Well, the main reason behind keeping out their mobile phone is to concentrate on their studies rather than unnecessary things. Moreover, John and his sisters got a decent amount of money from their parents for doing household chores. His parents always keep interest in the activity what they are doing and learning. They always take their kids to educational tours to build up their thinking and knowledge about different cultures and histories.

Rory John Gates -Is he dating someone special?

Moving to his love life, there are no rumors about his love affair with someone. Presently, he is single and not married yet.  He is still enjoying his early life. And the main point is he rarely opens up his personal details and keeps himself far from the media. However, he might be dating someone but he still hasn’t talked about it in the media. Besides all this, he is living a happy and enjoying his life along with his family.

Rory John Gates- Career and Professional Liferory-gates

Rory John Gates is the heir of Gates family and we can say that it’s not mandatory for him to work. However, he never seems going that way. John is only 20 years old and completed his degree in spite of working in Microsoft Corporation. And he is still too young to start any kind of business. And in the future, we may or may not be sure that he will expand his father’s business. Since his childhood being as a child of disciplined and straightforward parents, he is internally guided to become a successful business magnate, an author, and human being.


Rory John Gates – Net Worth (Cars and House)rory-gates-net-worth

Speaking about the net worth of one of the richest person’s son, Rory John Gates has a massive net worth of $ 20 million. And it is informed that he gives one-third of his pocket money to charity. Well, he is still a young guy and hasn’t run any business that’s why it can be said that most of the money comes from his father. In the year 2010, the billionaire father Bill planned that he would give $10 million to his three children; Phoebe Adele Gates, Jennifer Katharine Gates, and Rory. So that they all can take care without facing the burden that brings by huge wealth. According to the report on February 2018, Bill has given his children part of his total net worth of $89.5 billion.

John lives in a mansion known as Xanadu 2.0 situated in Washington. As per the news from King County public assessor’s office, the property is said to be worth $123.54 million. The mansion is of 66,000 sq. ft. with a 60 ft. swimming pool and underwater music system. Also, he also owns a fleet of cars. Not only this, he keeps traveling through airplanes and private jets.

Rory John Gates- Body Statistics and Social Presence

Having a very good looking personality, John seems to be really cute and having an evergreen smiling face. Rory has grey color hair and dark brown eyes with average build body. He is 5 feet 5 inch tall and weighs approximately 52 kg.

John always wants to live his life in a private manner. That may be the reason that he still has not any social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And he is not known to be officially operating any social media account that is verified and goes by his signature name ‘Rory Gates’.