Timothy Hawking: Know Every Interesting Fact About Stephen Hawking’s Son

A slight sight on Timothy Hawking


Timothy Hawking is one of the popular names for being as the youngest son of Stephen William Hawking (8 January 1942- 14 March 2018). As we all are familiar with this name “Stephen Hawking”, an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and more importantly his contribution to science. Though Hawking’s kids never gained as much popular as him, they all are working hard to achieve their goals. While speaking about Timothy, though he is famous for Stephen’s third child, there is some doubt about whether Stephen was Timothy’s biological father or not. But it is told that Timothy is the son of Jane Hawking and Jonathan Hellyer Jones. However, Timothy always called Stephen as his father and loved him very much. And according to “The Guardian”, his mother Jane also claimed that there is no doubt about Timothy is Stephen’s child.

About Hawking’s Early Life Timetim-early-days

Timothy was born on 15 April 1979 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Tim who was born as a star kid, he belongs to White ethnicity and holds a British Nationality. The young and talented boy, Tim was raised by his lovable parents, father Stephen Hawking, a famous British Physicist and mother Jane Hawking, an English author, teacher and educator. But as stated earlier, rumors claimed Timothy as being the son of Jonathan Jones and Jane Hawking. In his early days, he never had a happy time and gained sweet experiences like his handsome brother named Robert Hawking who is a prominent software engineer and works for Microsoft and his beautiful sister named Lucy Hawking who is popular for her work as a journalist, educator and philanthropist.

In one rare interview, Tim told that in his early days since only when he was five, he could barely communicate with his father due to the drawl of the speech box. He felt very difficult to understand the cause of his father’s deteriorating speech. And the days passed, Stephen’s speech disorder took a serious shot and was not able to communicate smoothly. Tim shared an emotional part of his life and told that when he made a close bonding with his father, at that time his father lost his voice. In his childhood days, there were also some beautiful memories. They both had played car racing as well as chess together. That was one of his best part of his childhood memories.

Tim’s Educational Achievement and Fruitful Career

Now moving to his educational background, after completing high-level school education, he enrolled in Exter University in England. He got his degree in Spanish and French language. Later he joined the University of Birmingham for further study. This is all about his educational field.

Tim started his career at his University level when he managed to work as an account manager in some small companies in the United Kingdom. Along with some valuable experiences and willpower, Tim worked as a loyalty executive at LEGO Group. After giving his valuable time and abilities, he got promoted in the same company. Tim always tries to keep his profile away from the limelight when the gossips come about his occupation. Till today he works for a famous toy Group named LEGO.

A glimpse about his familytimothy-family

A shy and introvert guy, Timothy was the son of a famous late physicist, Stephen Hawking who was suffering from motor neuron disease and Jane Hawking. Tim has a brother and sister who both are older than him. As we discussed a little bit about their profile earlier that his brother, Robert Hawking works for Microsoft as a software engineer. And his sister, Lucy Hawking is a famous journalist, educator, and philanthropist. Currently, they both are busy in their own life.

The date “14 March 2018” was one of the tragic dates in the Hawking’s family. In that day, they have to lose Stephen Hawking. They all shared a very warm bond with each other. Moreover, it was a great loss for Timothy, he was the one who was very close to him and usually spends time playing chess and went to see various F1 races together. And talking about his romantic relationship, the brown-haired handsome Tim is still single and the rumors about his dating are still not revealed yet.

How was his bonding with father Stephen Hawking?Stephen-and-Timothy-Hawking

Although the bitter controversies about Timothy not being Stephen hawking’s biological son, Timothy and Stephen always have chosen each other as the best son and father. Moreover, Timothy always took Stephen as his father and loved and respect him very much. Timothy in his interview shared his early days and said although he was unable to communicate properly with his father, he regularly visited his father’s place and enjoyed a day together. He even cracked a joke by saying although his father turned to 60 it seems like he is a 50-year-old man and doesn’t forget to say how his father gets really competitive and the hardest opponent in the chess game. He even declared how he would programme swear words into his father’s speech machine and play pranks. They both shared a common passion for Formula One which tells more about the chemistry that existed between them.

Father Stephen and Son Timothy both shared the happy moment at the motor racing and Timothy still follows the guidance told by his father since when he was 12. They really had a strong bonding and spend much time together. He also shared “I remember asking him a question which I think at the time I thought was a bit silly. I wanted to know if there were lots of other tiny universes dotted around. And he gave me the answer and then he told me never to be afraid to come up with an idea or a hypothesis no matter how daft it might seem.”  

In BBC Tim shared about his old days with his lovely father Stephen and told that “My dad was able to speak with his own, natural voice for those first years, but it was incredibly difficult to understand what he was saying — particularly for me at such a young age”. At that time, the interview of Tim was host by Dara O’Brian. Further, Tim added “As a 3-year-old, I had no understanding of what he was saying. I didn’t really have any communication with him for the first five years of my life.” The breakthrough that brought them all closer together happened when his father received a computer-driven speech program called “Equalizer.”

At last he further added, “It was only when he got his voice synthesizer that I was actually able to start having conversations with him. It was somewhat ironic that Dad losing his voice was actually the start of us being able to form a relationship.”

Interesting Facts about his Personal LifeTimothy-fact

The big news exploded and started as a burning flame after the launch of the movie “The theory of everything”. This movie shows an interesting fact and answered the untold questions. After releasing the movie, people started to guess about Tim as the child of Jonathan Hellyer Jones, not from Stephen. However, Tim has the surname of Hawking and even DNA test can’t change their relationship as father and son.

Moreover, Jane in one of her book “Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen”, she writes “The absence of physical intimacy with Stephen as a deep hole in my own life”

Also, she describes “I myself did not know the answer to her question, but my sense of loyalty to Stephen forbade any open discussion of that topic, which for him was as taboo a subject as his illness.”

She also told in her book that, “Curious if Jonathan Hellyer Jones was the father, Isobel Hawking, Stephen’s mother, flat-out asked Jane which man was the father. Jane told her it could only be Stephen’s.”

The next shocking news came to Tim’s life after knowing his parents decided to get divorced. After the divorced was finalized in 1995, his father got second marriage with his nurse, Elaine Mason in the same year. Though it was not acceptable for the whole family, they all thought that Mason was restricting access between them and their father. This caused a lot of pressure. And additionally, there were many controversies that Mason was physically abusive towards her husband. And later his mother, Jane also got knot with a musician, Jonathan Hellyer Jones.

How about his net worth?

Before talking about Timothy’s net worth let us have a preview on his success in his career. As already stated in the previous part, at first, he worked as an account with various firms and joined LEGO, a toy company as a Loyalty Executive in March 2010. And in January 2012, he got promoted as an Assistant Manager and again in January 2013 as a Loyalty Rewards Manager for Europe. Now, currently, Tim worked as a Brand Development Manager at the LEGO Group in London. He had achieved a fruitful success in his career and till today he is working for LEGO Group. From this, the net worth of Timothy Hawking is estimated to be $50,000 USD.