Hilaria Baldwin: Get On the Full Niceties About Star Alec Baldwin’s Gorgeous Wife

Hilaria Baldwin, More than a Star’s Spousehilaria-alec


Hilaria Baldwin, the well-known name famous for being the second wife of Hollywood star Alec Baldwin. Apart from her relationship with American actor and Comedian Alec, she is best known as a Spanish-American yoga instructor, fitness and wellness expert. Hilaria as an author has written the most popular and saleable books on December 27, 2016, such as ‘The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body’, and ‘Healthy Mind & Joyful Life’. She also has a keen interest in acting and has given a numerous best shot in the movie like Extra (1994), Nightcap (2016) and Blind (2017).

This gorgeous and fitness lady always gives proper care for her body and today she is renowned Yoga Tutor and also the co-founder of Yoga Vida, a yoga studio operates in Union Square, Noho, Tribeca and Dumbo neighborhoods in New York City. Because of her passion and hardworking towards her career, she has been featured several times on top magazines like ‘New York Times’, ‘Elle’, and ‘Yoga Journal’. Not only in magazines but had also given her notable performance as a fitness expert on TV shows like ‘TODAY’, ‘Katie’, ‘LIVE with Kelly’ and ‘Michael and The Rachael Ray Show’.

Childhood Journey & Educational Upbringings

Hilaria Baldwin aka Hilaria Lynn Thomas came into the Thomas family on January 6, 1984, in Mallorca, Spain. Born from the American father and a Spanish mother, she grew up in Spain and Boston and belongs to American and Spanish citizenship. Since her childhood days, she loves to dance and just at the age of two she started to dance and continued to learn ballet, flamenco dancing, and gymnastics. Later, she participated as a contestant in various shows. Talking more towards her early days, she became vegetarian when she was just five. And about her educational training, she got her degree in art history and dance from New York University.

Baldwin’s Career & Professional Achievementhilaria-baldwin-career

Now moving a deep journey towards her career, she started her career as an actress and got debut from the movie ‘Extra’ in 1994. Hilaria’s journey as a yoga instructor was just like an unshot movie. The main reason behind a successful yoga tutor was her past failure. She had struggled with anorexia and bulimia when she was demanded dancing professionally. And the most heart-breaking moments happened in her life, in 2009, she had a dangerous bad fall. Due to that fall, her leg bone was severed from her hip. For her cure, she started to go through yoga training in New York City. Later, she decided to take herself towards being as a Yoga Instructor and worked on to the same training center. Later, she finally decided to start her own studio and became the co-founder of Yoga Vida in January 2010. As we already stated, Yoga Vida is a yoga studio operates in Union Square, Noho, and Tribeca and Dumbo neighborhoods in beautiful New York City. And as a tutor, she had interviewed several celebrities like Emma Stone, Tony Bennett, and Jane Fonda.

Further talking about her career, she also had written several books which all talks about body fitness and how to make you healthy. The books that she wrote and most demanded one were ‘The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body’, and ‘Healthy Mind & Joyful Life’. Back in 2014, she had won the Day time Emmy Award as Outstanding Entertainment News Program for ‘Extra’. After getting so much success in her career, she further tried her best to uplift it and made her appearance in the TV series like ‘Nightcap (2016)’ and ‘Blind (2017)’. However, besides all success in her career, to this date, whenever we hear the name Hilaria Baldwin, the only thing that strikes to our mind is the gorgeous second wife of actor Alec Baldwin.

First Meeting & Beautiful Wedding Vows With Star, Alec BaldwinAlec-Hilaria

Talking about their first encounter, this love bird met for the first time at Pure Food and Wine restaurant in New York in February 2011. Their meeting’s big credit goes to Hilaria’s profession as a Yoga Instructor. They met and knew each other during the course related to Alec’s health. At that time Alec was not healthy and Hilaria was the one who took good care of him by giving her precious time for his food and exercise. Later her care took a good result and he loses his weight which helped him to look a lot younger than the past. After dated for several years together, this couple decided to get a knot. At first, she was concerned about their age gap but as we all know that age is just a number and the same thing goes to Hilaria. They finally moved on towards a deep relationship and in April 2012, they announced their engagement and just two months later, this lovely couple happily tied their knot on June 30 at the New York City’s St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.

Even on her Instagram, she took a photo along with the captions and wrote down, “I met him 7 years ago today…and how our lives have changed. 5.5 years of marriage, almost 4 kids…we have had a wonderful time and our moments too. One thing that helps us grow together is that we make it a priority to have our alone time. Children are such a blessing, but they can strain relationships too…taking time, nearly every day, to check-in and laugh…yes, get angry and cry and frustrated too-helps us stay together. It is no fairy tale and it isn’t easy…but it’s real and it’s us. Most importantly: never to lose our sense of humor. By the way, Alec just interjected: “I realize, at the end of the day, Hilaria is usually right.” Me: that helps too: honesty ?? What are your tricks to sticking to sticking together? #WeGotThis2018.”

Baldwin’s Personal Life─ Family & Kidshilaria-family-kids

Before marrying Hilaria, Alec was already a divorcee guy and blessed with one beautiful daughter, Ireland Baldwin. Ireland is a model and the daughter of Alec and his ex-wife actress Kim Basinger. Due to some personal reasons, these two split up and moved on to their own life. Later, Alec met Hilaria and started to spend a long-lasting love with her. On August 23, 2013, this lovely couple was blessed with a cute baby girl named Carmen Gabriela Baldwin. After welcoming her baby girl, they further welcomed their second and third baby boy named Rafael Thomas Baldwin ((born on June 17, 2015) and Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin (born on September 12, 2016). Frankly, the happy days still not finished or this duo was not satisfied with the three kids, and this couple further welcomed their last baby boy named Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin who was born on May 17, 2018.

Hilaria always keeps good care of her children. And she further wrote on her Instagram that, “With two blonde hair, blue-eyed children, people at the park always ask me if I am a nanny. They hear me speaking to my children in Spanish and I have been offered so many jobs because everyone wants to teach their children a foreign language these days. I always laugh it off and tell them that if I were not so busy with my 2 almost 3 babies, I’d love to come work for them! So here is proof that this is my little baby….climbing on tables and doing crazy yoga in all sorts of outfits…yup, this one is all mine. Always laugh with the world.”

After giving birth to her last baby boy, eight days later Hilaria had to suffer a lot and was diagnosed with pneumonia. There also news that her sons have the flu and her daughter Carmen was suffering from a pink eye. On April 4, 2019, Baldwin’s family was expecting a new member but 5 days later they discovered that there were no signs of heartbeat and they lost the baby.

Her Hard Work’s Net Worthhilaria-net-worth

Before having keen-sighted about Hilaria Baldwin’s net worth let us have a preview about her successful career. Being an actress, yoga instructor, author, fitness and wellness expert, she is still known as a beautiful lady. And keeping all things aside, she is mostly known for being the beautiful wife of famous Hollywood actor and comedian Alec Baldwin. From this, we can predict that she has accumulated a huge net worth. And as of 2019, it has been estimated that her net worth is around $10 million and lives a very lavish life with her handsome hubby and beautiful kids.