Unknown facts About famous Singer Rachel Platten’s Spouse: Kevin Lazan

Brief Intro on Kevin Lazan


Besides being as an American attorney and a famous business tycoon, Kevin Lazan is well-known as the husband of Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter Rachel Platten. He is the founder and CEO of The Gables, a counter-service cafe on Santa Monica, California. How much is it the truth that “Behind every successful man there is a woman?” This is exactly the opposite in the case of Kevin. In his case, Kevin is the one who is behind his wife’s success. Although she had an unfortunate beginning to her music profession with her debut and second album’s, ‘Trust in Me’ (2003) and ‘Be Here’ (2011), but he always believed and support her. After a long time struggle in her career, her ‘Fight Song’ (2015) got a huge break and loved by everyone. Furthermore, her song was so inspired that 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton played at many of her rallies.

Amusing Early Days and Educational AchievementRachel-Pallet-and-kevin-Lazan

Kevin, a man behind his wife’s success was born in 1980 in Florida, USA. He belongs to White Ethnicity and holds an American Nationality. Since his childhood days, he was raised by his beloved parents’ Lawyer David M. Lazan and Realtor Judi Lazan.  Talking about his early days, he was a very hardworking and attractive child and had got everything from his family. Lazen’s family belong to the Jewish faith.

Kevin completed his primary level education from his own home town. After finishing his primary education, in 1998 he joined at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for further learning. He did his four-year bachelor degree in Legal Studies and Journalism and graduated in the year 2002. Later, after gaining the experience in the practical world, during 2008 to 2010 he went to the New York and received his MBA degree from NYU’s Leonardo N. Stern School of Business, specializes in strategy and finance.

Fruitful Career as a Lawyer and a Business Mogul

Just after completing his college level, Kevin started his professional career as a junior agent in Puck Agency in December 2002. Giving his three years in that position, in 2006 he moved to another job as the Strategist and operations manager at Railway Media LLC. In the job, his main responsibility was to implement short-term and long-term range plans consistent with growth objectives and opening services in 43 different airport locations. After working for three years and an extra five months, in June 2009 he moved to New York-based Capgemini Consulting which is a French Multinational Information Technology Consulting Corporation as a Managing Consultant Strategy and Transformation. Then he started to work as a Director at New York Advisory Practice in the Next Street in 2013.

Although having a high pay in his previous job, he left in January 2016 after working for two years and three months for the new launch of his restaurant. Kevin started his own business with the partnered Superba and Beacon Veteran Fan Matsusaka and former restaurant group manager Juan Ramirez. Presently, Lazan is the CEO of The Gables, a quaint and cozy all-day, neighborhood counter-service cafe in Santa Monica, California. Since January 2016, he has been the founder of the company. The Gables is a restaurant located in various parts of the United States. Kavin always gives his best in his business. The main example is although he is not too presence on social media, he created an IG page only to promote his business.

Life Journey with his gorgeous wife Rachel Plattenkevin-rachel-married-life

This beautiful couple first met in the year 2006 in New York. The big credit goes to Lazan’s interest in music and movies so that it was easy for Rachel to easily fall in love with him. Rachel once told in an interview about his meeting with Kevin in Southern New England wedding that, “We just clicked instantly”. And added, “Kevin is kind and brilliant, he loves music and is an incredible movie-quoter, and something I rate very highly.” After accepting each other as a couple, they went to the first date. However, their first date wasn’t as perfect as they thought. In 2016, Platten described her first date in an interview and said that “It was really gross, dingy, Lower East Side dungeon kind of bar. It [looked] like a lesbian night that night, so there was a lot of women snuggling, which is totally cool. But he was really embarrassed. He was like, ‘Oh my god, this is not what I meant to bring you to. Oh my god.’ I think his friend was punking him.” After dating almost six years together as a couple, during their trip to New England, he finally proposed to her on a tree-lined carriage walk in New England. Later they planned for their marriage. They spent a couple of months to finalize a perfect location. The singer wanted to marry in a homely and cultural way.

rachel-kevin-married-lifeFinally, the waiting phase came to an end and they tied the knot in 2012 in a traditional Jewish ceremony at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, Rhode Island. In her wedding, she wore a beautiful plain white right shoulder cut gown. She is a keen wife and wrote a few songs for her husband. One time when Kevin’s father was sick and went to his parent’s house which was approximately 3,000 miles away from their current residence. Because of her growing career, she couldn’t attend with him but she wrote the song, Superman, explaining Kevin’s struggle with his father’s illness.  In her song, she described that “I couldn’t be there as much as I wanted to be there. I felt really selfish and like I wasn’t being a good partner. And the only thing I could do was write him a song, right? I’m like 3,000 miles away, and I wrote him that song, being like, you have been there for me, very loving and very supportive. And look, you don’t have to be strong right now. I got you. So I’m really glad I got to include that one.”

The duo had already celebrated an almost fifth anniversary and there is almost zero sign of getting the divorce. They both supported each other’s career. In her interview with US Weekly, she spoke that, “I’m married to an amazing man, we’ve been together for 10 years, and he’s a huge reason why I kept believing in my dreams.” In July 2018, Rachael announced a piece of good news about her pregnancy with her husband. Every fan was very excited to hear the good news. Currently, Lazan resides in Santa Monica, California with his beautiful wife and lovely baby girl. Before the birth of the baby girl, they had moved from their apartment at Battery Park in New York. Till today the couple is together and is sharing worth times over the decade.

Blessed with a beautiful baby girlLazan-platten-baby-girl

In July, Rachel in her interview with US Weekly said that she and her lovely husband were expecting a first baby. After some time she posted her happiness of being a mother in her Instagram account and wrote that, “This is one of my most exciting announcements, but also one of my most vulnerable. So here goes…. I’m pregnant! I can’t believe I’m finally typing these words — I have wanted to share this news for months.” Also, she added “As I thought about how to share what I have been experiencing, I became paralyzed about doing it the exact, perfect way — how to express all of my total bliss and yet all this fear too? I finally realized that I can’t worry about making being ME comfortable for everybody else, I have to share this journey MY WAY: with honesty, vulnerability, love, and an open heart.”

Finally, on January 26 2019 Rachel and Kevin were blessed with a pretty baby girl. And after welcoming her princess in the world she once again captioned a photo “Introducing Violet Skye Lazan,” in her Instagram on January 30 showing cradling her baby girl. She uploads a beautiful post saying “Born delicious & cuddly on 1.26, early in the am. There is so much about this massive love that i want to share but don’t yet know how to. I am sure the words will come soon. For now we are busy falling deeeeply in love (and keeping our heads above water). Thank YOU all so much for your kindness and support and curiosity and gentleness as i fumbled my way through this crazy brutal amazing journey to get here to motherhood. Wow. I’m a mom. :))) Xoxo, rach.”

About His Net Worth

Now finally talking about his net worth, a Lawyer and business tycoon, Kevin has an estimated net worth near to millions dollar. He had achieved a big success in his career and till today he is the CEO of The Gables. Along with this, talking about his wife Rachel who is a renowned singer in the music industry whose net worth is around 4 million. The lovely couple owns a house in Santa Monica, California, US. They lived in an apartment at Battery Park in New York. Running his restaurant in highly crowded places he has got a high profit and is still looking to make a huge profit from the business. After analyzing his career success, we can say that his career growth means bigger paychecks. And it can be estimated that his net worth is around $6 million.