Sibi Blazic: Get the Full Story behind Renowned Star Christian Bale’s Gorgeous Spouse

A Short Glimpse on Sibi’s Profile


Sibi Blazic aka Sandra Blazic is a famous Serbian-American actress and a former model. Her popularity rose up after her notable works on the movie named ‘The Dark Knight Rises (2012)’ and ‘George of the Jungle (1997)’. Amusingly, in her one-hit movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, her handsome husband, Christian Bale has worked as the leading role. Same like in her films, Sibi has worked a different role in her real life too. Besides being an actress and model, she once was an assistant of gorgeous and popular American actress and producer, Winona Ryder. Keeping all her successful career aside, Sibi Blazic is mostly well-known for naming as the beautiful wife of multiple awards high-flier, Christian Bale. It’s almost been 20 years that this lovely couple had been together with full of support and love for each other. All in all this duo has been blessed with two beautiful baby girl and boy named Emmeline Bale (born on March 27, 2005) and Joseph Bale (born in 2014). Christian and Sibi are popular for being the happiest and most supportive couples in the whole Hollywood World.

Memorable Childhood Days & Educational Upbringing

Sibi Blazic was born on April 14, 1970, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She was raised and grew up with her Serbian parents’ father Slobodan Blazic and mother Nadezda Topalski. Both her parents were born in Belgrade, the beautiful capital city of Serbia. After their marriage and spending some time in Vracar, Sibi’s parents decided to move on to the United States. Before knowing Sibi Blazic as Sibi or Sandra, her real birth name is Srboslava (Srbislava) Blazic. Since born and raised in the Serbian family, Sibi belongs to Serbian ancestry and holds an American Nationality. Moving towards her educational achievement, Sibi earned her graduation in ‘Bachelor of Science Degree in Business’ from the University of Southern California.

Blazic’s Career as more than an Actress and Model sibi-blazic-career         

As we stated earlier that Sibi didn’t just face herself as an actress and model in whole life. We all know that to get something is not an easy task. So the only solution to this problem is to work hard and patience. Sibi always walked by thinking the same formula in her life. Though she had to face various challenges in achieving her career, she never gave up. That’s why to this date she is still popular for the successful career of her notable works.

Let’s moved on deliberately towards her career success. Sibi’s career began as an assistant to famous American film producer Jordan Kerner in the movie named ‘George of the Jungle’. This movie was released all worldwide on July 16, 1997, and became one of the most successful movies at that time and has grossed around $174.4 million. Later, she again continued her assistant service in the movie named ‘Red Corner’ which came to the public eye on October 31, 1997.

Finally working for a long time with Kerner, she moved on to serve for Winona Ryder and they became one of the closest and strongest friends in the showbiz field. She worked as Ryder’s assistant in the psychological movie named ‘Girl, Interrupted’ released on January 14, 2000. Along with her assistant job, her career took her in another path where she was featured in the ‘New York Times’ as the best seller cosmetic book ‘Face Forward (published on October 4, 2000)’. This book was originally written by American Makeup Artist, photographer, and author Kevyn Aucoin. She also worked in the stunt department and gave her daring stunt in the movie named ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ which was released on July 20, 2012.

In one interview with Christian Bale also talked and praised about her stunt works. He simply told that “My wife was a stunt driver — she was chasing me through the city in Batman. She was driving one of the cop cars. She can do 180s and stunts and all that,” says the British actor. “She terrifies me. My wife terrifies me.”

How did these two love birds meet for the first time?

Either it was their destiny or whatsoever, they met for the first time during the mid-1990s. This both couples had never thought that they will be in love and had a romantic relationship before meeting with each other. They both were busy in their careers in the entertainment field. But amusingly, their career helped them to meet their future soul. This beautiful couple first met and know each other through the renowned actress and producer, Winona Ryder to whom Sibi worked. Later, they started to meet and spent time with each other. After knowing and spending a long time together, they realized that they had great chemistry and finally committed to becoming a couple. Finally, the pair decided to get engaged and exchanged their wedding vows on January 29, 2000, in Las Vegas. In their marriage ceremony, all the family members, close friends, and relatives were there to give blessings and love.

Blazic & Bale’s Married life & Blessed with Two Incredible Childchristian-bale-wife-sibi-blazic-kids

In Bale’s life, Divorce was a minor thing because he had to face several divorces in his family. That might be the reason that he was not interested in married life. But later after meeting with Sibi, he changed his mind and decided to spend his whole life with this beautiful lady.

Once with interviewing Christian about his married life, he expressed his feeling with Sibi to Sydney Morning Herald in July 2012 and told that “Everyone was divorced in my family so I didn’t have very healthy ideas about marriage. Then I met Sibi and suddenly it seemed a fantastic idea.”

In Blazic and Bale’s life, one of the most joyful days took place when they welcomed their first baby girl in their life. They welcomed their eldest daughter named Emmeline Bale on March 27, 2005. And after a long time later, the pair were again blessed with the second one, Joseph Bale who was born in 2014. Currently, Emmeline is all grown up and following her parent’s footsteps. And till today this lovely couple with two kids has been living a happy and spending a beautiful time with each other.

Blazic’s Hard work Payoff

When the payoff comes about Sibi Blazic, it’s clear that it’s somehow related to her husband Christian Bale. From the different online sources, we found that Bale has an estimated net worth of $80 million from his fruitful career. Now finally talking about Sibi’s net worth, an actress, former model & assistant of renowned celebrity, she has an estimated net worth near to millions dollar. However, the exact net worth of Sibi Blazic is still under review.