Tasha McCauley: Here with the Golden Globe-nominated Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Beautiful scientist Beloved

Intro About Tasha McCauley


CEO and Co-Founder of robotics company “Fellow Robots” Tasha McCauley is one of the brilliant female scientists, who were able to achieve success in a predominantly male-focused field of Robotics. But it was her private marriage with Hollywood actor, filmmaker and singer Joseph Gordon Levitt that made all the tabloids and fans alike to question who is this beautiful lady who walked down the aisle with one of the Hollywood’s leading man.


While Joseph Gordon Levitt does not need a lot of introduction since he has been in the media spotlight for more than two decades now, his wife, on the other hand, is still very much a mystery to a lot of people. Since, both McCauley and Levitt are very private about their personal lives, there is not a lot of information about her and whatever is known about her are based on speculations and news that comes out once in a while.


What About Her Early days & Level of Training?tasha-early-life-education

Finding legit facts about Tasha McCauley’s birth and upbringing is one of the toughest things that media tabloids have done. One of the sources has claimed that she was born in California, United States perhaps in the early 1980s. She is said to have spent most of her life in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Not much is known about her parents or siblings. She did post a picture of her with a young man on a trip to Antarctica with the caption ‘My brother’. She is believed to be multilingual; speaking languages like English, Spanish and Arabic. 


As for her education, it is believed that McCauley attended ‘Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School’ in the year 1985 but two years later started going to ‘Franklin Elementary School’. After that, she started going to ‘Open Magnet Charter School’ in Los Angeles and then went on to attend classes in ‘Lincoln Middle School’. She then graduated from ‘Santa Monica High School’ in 1996. She also enrolled in ‘Crossroads High School’ for pre-college education. 


As for her college education, she is said to have first earned her bachelor’s degree in Arts in 2004 from ‘Bard College’ in Annandale, New York. Tasha went on to successfully become a certified robotics engineer after graduating from ‘Singularity University’ in San Jose in 2011. Apart from this, it is also reported that she has in fact already finished her master’s degree in Business Administration from ‘The University of Southern California Marshall School Of Business’ where she majored in international business education and research. 


Remarkable Journey towards Her Successful Careertasha mcCauley-career

Like every aspiring career-oriented individual Tasha McCauley too started her career path by first taking over responsibilities of being an assistant professor at ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track’ in the ‘NASA Research Park’ campus which was located inside her campus grounds. She mainly focused her studies on learning about the rapid growth of robotics and the latest technology on artificial intelligence. She also used to teach students for a few years.

Tasha’s career breakpoint came when she was appointed as the director of the ‘Autodesk Innovation Lab’ in ‘Singularity University’. During the same year, she co-founded a robotics company named Fellow Robots where she took her responsibilities as a CEO. This company is based in ‘NASA Research Park’. She worked there for 3 years. 


After leaving the company, Tasha went on to become Director of Business Development at ‘GeoSim Systems,’ a company that creates virtual models of cities. Since then, she has gone on to do more work-related with robotics and technology advancement including being an active board member of ‘Ten to the Ninth Plus Foundation’ a company that focuses on technical advancement around the globe and being the guest speaker at the ‘Web Summit’.


In her field of robotics, she is known for being an expert in designing and prototyping whose robots are used in retail and transportation. Even at a very young age, she was able to inspire a lot of other young people through her work rather than her spouse’s fame. 


Tasha’s Personal life and Relationshipstasha-joseph

On December 20, 2014, when the news about one of Hollywood’s biggest star Joseph Gordon Levitt’s marriage with a relatively unknown woman went public, media and fans alike were caught in twitter frenzy. Everything about them was so secretive from the very start that hardly anyone had any idea about how their relationship started. According to many sources, it was reported that they might have started a courtship since 2013 and were introduced by a common friend. 


The couple had their first son in August 2015 and their second son in June 2017. The names of the children are also not disclosed to the media. The couple apparently lives in a 1940 home in the Franklin Hills in Los Angeles which they bought at a reported price of 3.25 million US dollars. 


Apart from this, it looks like that the couple really enjoys going to charity events as they were pictured performing in one of the many charity events the 5th ‘Annual Hilarity for Charity Variety Show’ in 2016. She is also very much active in social media but she rarely posts any personal photographs. 


How much is her hard work pay off?

Her current net worth is estimated to be around 10 million US dollars. With her husband’s net worth of a whopping 35 million US dollars, both of them can provide themselves and their children a very comfortable lifestyle.