Anton James Pacino: Grab the Full Story of Legendary Al Pacino’s Only Son


Brief View on Anton James Pacino

Anton James Pacino, the name most popular for being the only son of top celebrity parents. This kid was welcomed in the world of full showbiz by the Iconic Hollywood actor Alfredo James Pacino Aka Al Pacino and gorgeous actress Beverly D’Angelo. Every time, when the topic came about Al and Beverly’s kid, the only name Anton James Pacino appears along with his beautiful twin sister, Olivia Pacino. Besides this, Anton also has blessed with another sister, Julie Marie Pacino. Julie belongs to his father’s previous marriage with Coach Jane Tarrant. All in all, in Pacino’s family there are altogether three children, Julie, Olivia, and Anton. Among these three, Anton and Olivia were found to be very close with her star dad. They were mostly caught on the camera while spending a happy time with each other. 

How about his Uncompleted Early-phase and Educational Upbringings?antons-early-life

Anton and his beautiful twin sister Olivia was born on January 25, 2001, in the United States of America. Since his ongoing childhood days, he and his sister were raised in Beverly Hills, California with their celebrity parents in America surrounded by the showbiz. Anton belongs to a mixed Ethnicity and holds an American Nationality. We all know that every child in the world is not lucky to get everything in their life. However, Anton is the lucky one who grew up as a prince of Star Parents. 

When talking about his educational background, currently Anton is studying hard to make his parents proud. And his career is still not decided on this date. But just like other star kids, he might choose his career in the path of his father. However, the exact info about his ongoing early background and educational upbringings is still under the review.

Anton’s Star Parents─ Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angeloal-pacino-beverly-dangelo

When talking about his adorable parents, this beautiful couple Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo are unmarried yet. Though Alfredo and Beverly were blessed with two lovable kids, they were still haven’t enjoyed their wedding vow. However, they started their relationship from 1996 and in the world of entertainment, this couple is known as one of the best couples in Hollywood fame. But sadly, this couple didn’t make their relationship successful. Today they are only known as good friends and shared their children’s custody. Before having a romantic relationship with Beverly, Alfredo was a divorced guy. He previously married with Coach Jane Tarrant and had one beautiful daughter named Julie Marie Pacino. Later, their married life didn’t last forever and finally decided to split up. Now, Al Pacino is spending his beautiful time with his lovely children.

Now let’s briefly talk about Anton’s Iconic Parents, Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo. Al Pacino is the name automatically come up in everyone’s mind when the top Hollywood actors are reckoned. More than this, he is the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards achiever born in 1940 to beautiful parents Sylvester and Rose Pacino. To this date, he gave his five decades in the field of entertainment. In his entire career, he has gathered almost every award and achievement. And he is known to be “Triple Crown of Acting”. He has given a marvelous performance till today. And mostly he was found popular in the movie like The Godfather, The Panic in the Needle, Scarface, Scent of a Woman, and Angels in America and so on.

Moving on to the gorgeous Beverly D’Angelo, though she is not known much like her husband, however, she is famous for her acting and singing career. She was born on November 15, 1951, in Columbus, Ohio, the United States of America as the daughter of Eugene D’Angelo and Priscilla D’Angelo. She started her career as an actor in 1976 and gave her marvelous acting in more than 60 movies. She gave her best performance in the movies like Coal Miner’s Daughter, Vegas Vacation, American History X, The Unicorn, and Frat Pack and so on. Not only in the movies but also appeared in the famous shows like Captain and the Kings, The Simpsons, Mom, Shooter and Insatiable.

Pacino’s Family Rumors and Controversiesjulie-pacino

In Al Pacino’s life, he faced various heartbreaking moments. Though he didn’t protect his relationship with his beautiful life partners. However, he accepted his fate and enjoying his lovely time with his beautiful children and acting career. And talking about Beverly’s view after break up with her love life and her journey as a mother, she said that, “I got pregnant at 48, delivered six weeks after I was 49, and by 51 I was looking at the landscape as a single parent.”

Further, as we already stated that Al and Beverly were never knotted with each other. But they always seem to be the best couple in the entertainment field. Later, she gave birth to twins and unfortunately, she wasn’t lucky to experience motherhood in a family. She shared her view and told that “I had a fantasy that when you have kids, you do it in a family setting. After we’d known each other for three months. Al looked me in the eyes and said I want you to be the mother of my children. That’s all I had to hear.”

And to this date, the negative rumors haven’t appeared in Anton’s life. However, due to his half-sister Julie’s behavior his and twins sister’s name also somehow added into the limelight. In the year 2011, Julie Pacino was found to be drunk and arrested by Police at West Houston Street because of drinking and driving. While investigating and asking for the truth, she told that she drank three bottles of beer and also had smoked marijuana. Due to her undigested behavior, she got arrested and was charged with DWI. After this, she with so much guilt and shared her feeling with New York Post, “It was a big mistake. I never want it to happen again.”