Julian Henry De Niro: Facts to Know About One of the Twin sons of Robert De Niro

Technology has come a far way in terms of the medical field. Nowadays we hear a lot of terms like surrogacy or IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) which has broadened the opportunities for people who desire to have children but couldn’t through conventional ways. The discussion surrounding the alternative means of pregnancy has also relatively increased these days and some of its credit goes to celebrities too.

Many celebrities have come forward and discussed these different methods of having children creating hope for future parents too. One such celebrity is Hollywood Legend Robert De Niro who had twins through IVF and was delivered by a surrogate mother. So how have the twins grow up to be? Let us try and find out a little about one of the twins, Julian Henry De Niro.

Quick Bio
Famous asSon of Robert De Niro
BornOctober 20, 1995
ParentsRobert De Niro (Father)
Toukie Smith (Mother)
SiblingsElliot De Niro
Raphael De Niro
Aaron Kendrick De Niro
Drena De Niro
Helen Grace
MoviesDubious Battle and The First Lady
Height5 ft 9 inches
Sun SignCapricorn
Net WorthAround USD 3 million

Julian’s Parents‘ Robert and Toukie Were Never Married


Hollywood legend actor Robert De Niro has had his fair share of relationships during his life. After splitting up with his first wife, actress Diahnne Abbott in 1988, he started going out with model-turned-actress Toukie Smith apparently the same year. The couple was together with each other for almost eight years before breaking up in 1996. They never got married during their time together but did share a set of twins.

Even though both of them were surrounded by the media, Toukie wanted to live in a peaceful and private environment which is why there is not much information regarding her relationship with De Niro or their children.

Toukie and Robert Gave Birth to Julian via IVF

Celebrities and their lives are always a fascination for a lot of people. But no matter how much the media tries to dig through their personal lives, we may never completely know them. While now social media and advancements in technology have helped the news-sharing process much easier, back in the day, it was much more complicated. Some celebrities enjoy every bit of their fame and are okay with the attention they are receiving, some like to keep their private matters, well private. Robert De Niro and his ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith took their private lives very seriously which is why the news regarding them having kids via an IVF came as a surprise to many. 

Julian Henry De Niro with his brother Aaron and mother Toukie

We do not know the details regarding why the couple chose to have a baby by In Vitro Fertilization, but perhaps both of them tried to conceive through conventional ways but failed to get the desired result. Whatever their reasons were, the couple welcomed twin sons Julian and Aaron De Niro on October 20, 1995, in the USA. The children were delivered by a surrogate mother whose details are still unknown.

From their childhood, Julian and his twin brother Aaron were always kept away from the public eye. The kids were only one year old when their parents called it quits. While their mother Toukie raised them, their relationship with their father was also very sound. But after the separation, it became even harder for the media to know more about the lives of the twins.

Julian Has Three Siblings & Two Half-Siblings

Julian is part of a big family. He has an older brother, Raphael who used to previously work as an actor but soon found himself working in real estate. Julian also has an older sister, Drena who also tried her hand at acting, and modelling and now works as a fashion consultant. While Raphael is Julian’s half-brother from their father’s first marriage, Drena is his adopted sister who was the daughter of Robert’s wife from her previous marriage.

Actor Robert De Niro with his twin brother Aaron Kendrick De Niro

Julian also has another twin brother, Aaron Kendrick De Niro who is in the same level of mystery as his twin.

With Robert De Niro marrying actress Grace Hightower after separating from his mother, Julian went on to share two more half-siblings over the years. Julian’s younger brother Elliot was born in 1998 and his younger sister, Helen was born in 2011. Like Julian and Aaron, Helen too was conceived via a surrogate mother.

Julian is About to Commence His Career

Unlike his father who has been in era-defining roles, Julian is yet to make his mark on the bigger state. But it all seems to be changing in a few years with the 27-year-old embarking on his new journey through his screen debut in the series ‘The First Lady.’ He is also given credit for ‘In Dubious Battle’ directed by James Franco. Although he seems like a late bloomer, hopefully, this series is the first of many to come. And, if he is even half as good as his father, we can expect a bright future ahead for the junior De Niro.

Julian is your Average Nerd Guy

Just like many other celebs, Julian did his major in computer science and maths at NYU. He also attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute which is a royalty in itself. In 2018, he also published an article in Washington Post along with his fellow student and a professor. It circulated a poll on social media to find out what people desire the most.

Julian Lives a Low-key Life

Like his father, Julian has been a very private person. The only time anyone could see him was when he accompanied his father to film premieres or award ceremonies. He does have Instagram but he rarely puts anything up there. It’s practically dead!

Julian's mother celebrating her birthday

He was recently photographed attending his mother Toukie Smith’s birthday party.

Julian is the young Barack Obama

Julian De Niro landed a role of the lifetime when he was casted to portray the young version of US president Barack Obama in the Showtime’s ‘The FIrst Lady’. Even though he only appeared on the third episode of the 10-episode series, Julian’s appearance definitely created an impact. Previously, he had also worked in the movie ‘In Dubious Battle’ starring James Franco, Selena Gomez and Nat Wolff. 

Julian has been travelling

julian loves travelling

Julian De Niro has been living his 20s in the best way; trying new career ventures and travelling. While Julian has remained private for most of his life, he has recently started posting his travel pics through his Instagram. Not only are his travelling days made a lot of people envious, it’s his travel buddies that have made him even more fascinating. Julian has been visiting Egypt with the likes of singer and producer Pharell Williams, Somerset Island in Canada, Soho Farmhouse in the UK and many more. Let’s hope we will be getting more of his travel diaries in the upcoming years.