Meet Megan Wallace Cunningham: Detailed Story of The Art Dealer Wife of Craig Ferguson

Love is oftentimes messy, complicated, and not perfect all the time. In the process of loving someone, you might hurt them and even let go of them. But that does not mean you won’t get another chance to find someone else to love again.

Opening your heart to love someone after a broken relationship means you are ready to find your own happiness. TV host and comedian Craig Ferguson after going through two unsuccessful marriages finally found happiness with his third wife, Megan Wallace Cunningham. Perhaps the third time’s a charm. So who is Megan Wallace Cunningham? Let’s take a deeper dive into what we know about her.

Quick Facts About Megan Wallace Cunningham
Full nameMegan Wallace Cunningham
Birth PlaceChester, Vermont
ProfessionArt Dealer
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseCraig Ferguson (December 21, 2008, to Present)
ChildrenLiam James Ferguson
Famous asWife of Craig Ferguson

Megan’s Early Life: Age, Education, and Family


Megan Wallace Cunningham was born in 1975 in New Hampshire, USA, and grew up in Chester, Vermont. While there is limited information regarding her family, it is believed that her family was from the wealthier side, even owning a farm in Vermont. Unlike her husband’s life, Megan is very private about her life and has not revealed what her childhood was like.

She is said to have attended a local high school in Vermont before enrolling in college for her Bachelor’s degree. Since her career is mainly focused on art, she probably studied the same in her college too. She graduated from college in 1997. 

Building a Career in Art 

After graduating from college, Megan Wallace Cunningham has been following her passion for art steadily. Now she has established herself as a successful art dealer. After her marriage with Craig Ferguson, in 2017 she also appeared in a 6 episode web show called ‘Couple Thinkers’ with her husband. In the show, the couple travels around the world, meeting renowned experts such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, in hopes of seeking out answers to questions like ‘Can we stop aging?’ and ‘When do we have to leave this planet?’. 

Tying Knot with Craig Ferguson

After his divorce from his second wife, Sascha Ferguson, TV host, and comedian Craig Ferguson met Megan Wallace Cunningham in 2005. They quickly started dating and gradually fell more and more in love with each other. Craig Ferguson proposed to Megan and the couple officially got married on December 21, 2008, in Megan’s hometown Chester, Vermont. The ceremony was held on Megan’s family farm privately among their close friends and family. The Scottish-born comedian wore a traditional kilt for the wedding. Talking about his winter wedding in Vermont, Ferguson said:

“It was actually winter solstice. I always say that if that judge didn’t have snow tires I would still be a single man.” 

Starting a family with Craig Ferguson

Megan Wallace Cunningham wedding

With Craig Ferguson working as a late-night show TV host, both he and his newlywed wife Megan lived in Los Angeles, California. After two years of marriage, Ferguson announced on Twitter that the couple was expecting their first child. Megan gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Liam James Ferguson, on January 31, 2011, in Los Angeles, California. Craig Ferguson already has a son, Milo Hamish born in 2001 from his previous marriage with Sascha Ferguson.   

Megan's son with Craig Ferguson

The couple had also adopted a German Shepherd and named him Spike. On their son Liam’s fifth birthday in 2016, the couple took him on his first Disneyland trip. During the trip, they met and took pictures of attractions like Goofy and Peter Pan.

Personal Life & Net Worth

Unlike her husband, Craig Ferguson who is very much a public figure constantly approached by the media, Megan likes being private about her life. As far as we know, she does not have a public social media account. She does, however, appear with her husband in different award shows and red-carpet events.

Megan with husband Craig

Talking about her net worth, there is no official information regarding it. But considering the average pay of $56000 per year for an art dealer in the US and her supposed wealthy background, she must have a much better net worth than most. Besides this, her husband has a net worth of $30 million dollars. 

What is Mrs Ferguson Doing now?

As of 2019, Megan along with her family has moved to her husband’s home country Scotland. The ex-US TV host apparently got bored of Hollywood life and decided to move back. Megan being the supportive wife, stood by his decision to move away from the constant media spotlight. The family now lives in Glasglow’s leafy West End and has been really enjoying living there.