What We Know About Aston Villa Ladies FC

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Those of readers who are keen on football must know pretty much information about the football club called Aston Villa, but few have heard about Aston Villa Ladies Football Club (Villa or AVFC). Nevertheless, female footballers are no less gifted than their male colleagues. The club was founded 46 years ago, in 1973. Firstly, it was titled Solihull FC, and it has changed a couple of names before getting the current one. When, in 1989, Aston Villa Football Club asked Solihull FC for help in forming a ladies team, the club agreed. The team affiliated with Aston Villa FC only in 1996 and agreed to change its previous name as well in order to be better recognized as Aston Villa Ladies Team. Currently, the club has a couple of teams among which are a senior team, a reserve team, and a couple of others for younger players.  

The Lady Villains, which is one of the nicknames of the team, won the promotion to the Northern Division of the FA Women’s Premier League, and after playing more than 10 seasons in the Northern Division, the club managed to win the league. Nevertheless, the greatest achievement was reached only in 2013 when the club won its first award, the Women’s Premier League Cup. A couple of years later, the Lions joined the Women’s Super League 2 which is actually the second highest division of women’s football in England. 

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And now let’s take a brief look at the current squad of the club. As every football club, the Aston Villa Ladies team consists of goalkeepers, midfielders, defenders, and forwards. Among the goalkeepers are Aja Aguirre and Sian Rogers. Midfielders include Amy West, Aoife Hurley, Jodie Hutton, Nadine Hanssen, Phoebe Warner, and Sophie Haywood. The team has eight defenders among whom Alice Hassall, Asmita Ale, Elisha N’dow, Evie Gane, Hayley Crackle, Hollie Gibson, Jade Richards, and Ria Elsmore. And the forwards are Alison Hall, Ashlee Brown, Kerri Welsh, and Tanisha Smith.  

You definitely should remember these names because, with the potential the team has, one day, they’ll beat all male footballers and win the most prestigious trophy.  

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AVFC is always looking for new sponsors, so if you have a desire to support the club, there is a rank of ways to do this. Being a club’s sponsor, you will get various perks and rewards. Already interested in? Visit the Aston Villa Ladies Football Club’s official site to get the information needed, learn more about the sponsorship, or contact their General Manager, Amber Widgust.  

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