Diane Addonizio: The Hidden Story behind the First Lady of NFL Aka Howie Long’s Spouse

Diane Addonizio, a Successful Lawyer & Businesswoman


Diane Addonizio, the name ultimately came in the list of a successful lawyer and businesswoman. Her all journey of success credit mainly goes to herself. Though she was popular by her success in business, she came into public attention after having a romantic relationship with the formal National Football League (NFL) defensive end and actor Howie Long. Currently, Howie made himself busy in serving Fox Sports as a studio analyst. While spending a long-time relationship, they finally change their relationship into marriage. This beautiful couple finally tied their knot on 27th June 1982. After being a relationship with a superstar, she was famed as the star celebrity wife and hardworking self-made business lady. And before and after the Howie Long’s retirement, Diane always became the supporting and successful part of Long’s journey of achievement. This lovely duo has altogether three handsome sons namely Chris, Kyle and Howard Long Jr. Diane always found to the best wife and mother in the showbiz field. And to date, she is mainly known as “The First Lady of NFL”.

Glimpse on her Childhood Memories and Educational Achievement

Throwing lights towards her early days, Diane was born as the baby girl of the Catholic family in the year 1962. However, her genuine birth date and month is still unknown yet. Raised and grew up with her lovely parents in Red Bank, New Jersey, Diane belongs to White Ethnicity and holds an American Nationality. The info about her parents is still under revealed, however, we came to know that her hero father was a Security Director of the IIT subsidiary.

Coming towards her educational achievement, she made herself capable and accepted by Villanova University, an Augustinian Catholic University which was located in Pennsylvania, USA. From there, she got her degree and graduate in Classical studies. Later, she further joined the University of Southern California (USC) School of Law, where she took herself in the path of the legal profession. After getting her degree, she quickly joined the workforce and served as a responsible law firm and build her career as an attorney.

A journey towards her Successful Careerhowie-long-spouse-diane-affonizio

Though her profile is highly counted as the hotshot celebrity wife, she has also made herself as the top businesswoman and successful Lawyer by her profession. In everyone’s life, reaching your dreams is not possible until you give your best hard work on achieving it. The same rules were followed by Diane in accomplishing her career goals. She made herself involved in various works. At first, she started her career as a lawyer and served for years. However, later after getting her degree from USC, she served as an attorney. During the phase of her career, she met Howie and then gave her time to supporting him in his career. Though she had a busy schedule for giving her time to her family, she tried something new and enter herself in the world of business. She began her career path towards being a self-made businesswoman. Her decision to being involved in business didn’t make her wrong. She got a good return from her investment projects.

Today, this date Diane gave her time in looking after her celebrity husband and kids. Besides this, she was also involved as NFL Head UP Football Advisory Committee. Diane is not just only gorgeous but also kind-hearted and known as a philanthropist. She gave her rewards in charity works that she got from her fruitful investment. This is all about the journey of her career. Keeping all things aside, Diane didn’t get as much as success in comparison to after getting knot with Celebrity Star. However, Diane is satisfied and enjoying her life with her husband and three handsome sons.

Life Journey with her Handsome Hunk, Howie Longdiane-affonizio

This beautiful love bird “Diane and Howie” first met and know each other during their degree level. Though they both were the students of Villanova University and knew each other for a long period. After that, Howie Long invited her on a date for watching NFL game with him on television. Later, spending a long time together, they finally realized that they had great chemistry and finally committed to becoming a couple. After dating for a long time together, the pair decided to get engaged. On June 29, 1982, the couple finally exchanged their wedding vows.

In one interview, Diane sweetly talked about her relationship with Howie before and during a romantic relationship and said, “Attractive, the boy was attractive. I’d never met anyone that big who was that good-looking.” She further added, “He was always like a volcano about to erupt, always driven. Everywhere we went, he thought people were staring at him.”

Further, when asking about her relationship, she told that “He didn’t send me a Valentine’s Day card when we first started going together. That upset me, and I told him so. Then he explained how holidays never meant anything special to him. At Villanova when everyone went home for the holidays or the summer he was always the guy who stayed in the dorms. You know how a child’s bed is special to him? Well, he never had his own. It was always a couch or something, while he was bouncing around from relative to relative. He was always living out of a suitcase, he always had his possessions on him. It took me a while to understand that.”

Blessed with an amazing baby boyHowie-Long-wife-diane-affonizio -kids

As stated earlier, Diane and Howie were blessed with three attractive baby boy. They welcomed their eldest ones Christopher Howard in 1985 and after three years, the pair were again blessed with the second one, Kyle Howard who was born in 1988. After giving birth to these two boys, Diane further decided to welcome another baby and finally gave birth to her third child named Matthew Howard. Diane, raise her children and giving up her career from the lawyer and businesswoman without having any regrets. Currently, these boys are all grown up and following their father’s footsteps in NFL. And till today this lovely couple with three kids has been living a happy and spending a beautiful time with each other.

About Her Net Worthdiane-affonizio-net-worth

Now finally talking about her net worth, a Lawyer and business businesswoman, Dianne has an estimated net worth near to millions dollar. Although she had achieved big fame from the celebrity wife, she had gathered a beautiful status in his career as a Lawyer and business lady in her profession. Along with this, going through her husband Howie who is the formal National Football League (NFL) defensive end and renowned actor in the industry whose net worth is around 16 million. The lovely couple owns an expensive and luxurious mansion in Virginia which was worth $6 million. After analyzing her career success, we can say that her career success means bigger paychecks. And from the various sources, we concluded that her net worth is around $1 million.