Yvonne Mcguiness: Meet the talented visual artist and wife of Peaky Blinder star Cillian Murphy

Talent oftentimes in the entertainment business is overlooked or are not appreciated enough. Rather than being known for their work, celebrities a lot of times become trending news on social media or any traditional form of media outlet because of their involvement in controversies. This obsession with celebrity culture from both media and people, in general, has led to the under appreciation of talented and hardworking people in show business. 

When talking about underrated actors, one actor that tops off the list is Irish actor Cillian Murphy. With his clean sheet career with no controversies, the only time he gets media spotlight is for his work. With so little media coverage on his personal life, people are often curious about Cillian Murphy outside his movies and dramas. Cillian Murphy actually has been married for a very long time. Aside from being an incredible wife, Cillian’s other half Yvonne McGuiness is a very talented and respected multimedia artist. Let us learn about his lovely wife, YvonneMcGuiness with whom he shares a very happy married life.

Childhood and Early Life


Yvonne McGuiness was born on 12 October 1972 in Kilkenny, Ireland. Her father is Gay McGuiness who is a very well-known businessman and owns one of the popular vineyard called Domaine de Notre Dame des Anges located in Provence, France since 1990. She is the niece of Jim McGuiness who is a noted Irish politician affiliated Fianna Fail Party and a Parliamentarian for County Carlow.

Since her early days, Yvonne was very interested in art and so wanted to pursue a career in that particular field. She enrolled in Crawford College in Cork, Ireland from where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Arts. She then completed her masters in arts from the Royal College of Arts, London in 2002.

Career Success

Yvonne McGuiness is one of those people who was able to turn her passion into a very promising and successful career. She is well decorated as a multimedia artist with proven expertise in various fields of visual art such as video installations, print art, and live performances. She also has a lot of knowledge in other forms of art too like photography, sculpture making, sewing, installation of videos and even in writing. Trying out all these different variations of work helped her to build a very strong portfolio showcasing her versatility which is a very important asset for any struggling artist. 

She also routinely holds different art gallery exhibitions to showcase her artwork. Her artwork id highly praised in countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland. Yvonne art is known for being able to create a subtle tension between concealment and revelation. Her art seems to scream out a notion of self that has a strong desire to express which also takes a deceptive form.

She has also shown interest in films and has already showcased her video editing skills in the production of many short films like ‘This is between us’, ‘Possession’, ‘Charlie’s Place’ and critically acclaimed 2017 short film ‘The Well’. She has an official website that shows her art.

Apart from this, following the signing of a contract with the Draíocht in 2017,  she collaborated with Fingal County Council Arts Office for commissioning the site-specific performance and film installation for the Amharc Fhine Gall 11th Edition. The Amharc Fhine Gall is a prestigious exhibition held annually to provide a stage for Fingal-based visual artists to display their work. 

Meeting With Cillian and Starting a Family

In 1996, Yvonne attended a rock show in London where his future husband was playing with his band ‘The Sons of Mr. Greengenes’. Even though Yvonne was 4 years older than Cillian, they almost immediately started their courtship after meeting in that show. In the same year, Cillian auditioned and was cast in his very first acting role as a volatile Cork teenager in Enda Walsh’s Disco Pigs. 

Yvonne and her then-boyfriend Cillian dated for 8 years before finally tying the knot in 2004. They exchanged vows in a very traditional and classic wedding whose proceedings were all held at her father’s vineyard in France.

 Yvonne Mcguinness and family

In 2005, the couple was blessed with their firstborn; a baby boy who is named Malachy Murphy. Their family of three then extended to a family of four after two years, when the couple welcomed their second son, Aran Murphy. The couple lived in London for 14 years before moving back to Dublin, Ireland. Since both of them are Irish it is only natural that they would want their children to embrace their Irish side as well. Apart from that, it was also reported that the move was done so that the children would be closer to their grandparents. Their children are very quickly adapting to the new environment and even losing their British accent in the process. 

Since, both Cillian and Yvonne are notoriously private about their personal life, there is not enough information regarding their family life. Yvonne is on Instagram but it is on private so, there is no access there too. Yvonne never shows any interest in coming in the media spotlight and her husband Cillian also does not seem to force her to do so. He always goes to his movie premiere alone and does not have an entourage with him. From some of the paparazzi shots taken, it seems that the couple is still very much in love with each other and are very invested parents trying to provide their children with as much normal life as possible.

A little about her husband Cillian Murphy

Yvonne McGuiness’s actor husband Cillian Murphy is one of the greatest gems of Hollywood who is sadly very underrated. From the start of his career, he has always pulled out one great character after another. But before he was a theatre and movie actor, he always wanted to be a rockstar. Art for him meant to tour with his band, meet different women and live the best of his life.

cillian Murphy


When he met his future wife, he started taking his future plans very seriously and started auditioning for acting jobs. Now, he is known more through his acting roles that are both praised by critics and loved by fans alike. One of the breakthrough roles he nailed was playing the character of Dr. Jonathan Crane better known as the villain Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’. He was also able to portray a picture-perfect villain in Wes Craven’s thriller ‘Red Eye’ starring Rachel McAdams. 

Lately, he is receiving rave praise for the portrayal of Thomas Shelby in the BBC gangster television series ‘Peaky Blinders’. Upon its runs throughout, the show has received high praise from the critics and has very high ratings too. Murphy himself has been nominated and won numerous times for his portrayal in this hit tv series. 

Though Cillian Murphy’s schedule is almost always full of new projects, he always makes time for his family and makes sure that whatever he is doing in his professional life does not have any impact on his children’s life. 

Net Worth

Yvonne McGuiness’s official net worth is still not disclosed to the public. After collecting different information regarding the nature of her job, we can estimate her net worth to be somewhere around 1 million dollars. Her husband on the other hand with different movie projects and Peaky Blinders has a net worth of a whopping 15 million dollars.