Five Steps to Winning a Second Date

Since ancient times, the most difficult thing in dating is getting on a second meet-up. A first date is like a gift. Not even a gift; it’s a free sample at a store, which means you can taste it, but whether or not you get the full version of a product depends only on you. People like to be shallow on a first date; they want to just chill out and talk about nothing. It takes a lot of guts and charisma to charm a person from the first try. Most young people would say, “I don’t know how come we get this far. I wasn’t even planning to ask her out on a second date.” And this tactic works both ways. So let’s dig into some crucial moments that will give us a second pass.

Step one: make up a plan and follow it


To start a successful relationship, you will obviously need a detailed plan and strategically follow it from one point to another. First things first, you need to know what girl you want to date and where to invite her. Make sure you know where to go and if you live far apart from each other, make sure that the route will be convenient for both of you. Let’s say it will be neutral territory. It is really rude to invite a person to the suburb just because you live there, and it will be easier for you to get home. You can give her the right to order a taxi, but that doesn’t do your justice because it’s just lazy. You want to really think about the place. Make sure you know her preferences. If you really want to impress a girl, do research and know about her favorite cuisine, distastes, and allergies. That is just sweet and thoughtful. Try not to be late for a first date because it can be rude and regarded as indifference. A girl needs to know you were in a rush to see her as soon as possible.

Ask, ask, ask

Now, this advice is a little bit easier than the other one. Even if you have the most iconic and humorous stories, if you don’t want to come across as a chatterbox, selfish or narcissistic person, give a girl a chance to speak too. Ask about her interests, maintaining a good conversation, especially in those topics she’s obviously interested in. Listen carefully, if you need to, ask twice. Don’t interrupt her. Make sure she knows you’re into her. There is no worse thing as a story of your childhood you thought it would be very sweet to share or some kind of your preference that a person completely ignores or just forgets about it right away. It really makes you think twice, whether to share sacred information with a person or abstain from it. But don’t make it too intense. It should look like a pleasant, full conversation and not an interrogation at the police department. It is much a possibility for a girl to open up and be carried away with your rendezvous.

Don’t throw all the cards

Let’s say you found out that she’s also into retro cars and memes. You are bursting with sudden waves of love because you think she’s the perfect one. But don’t hurry up. A first date is not the best time to confess love. Even if you liked her, and she’s that only one you’ve been waiting for all of your life, it’s not the reason to smother her because it might be scary. Being timid is the best way to behave. Your date should be a balance of medium praising and dignity. If you have an emotional vortex about how cool she is, make her a polite and sweet compliment. The best flattery would be your interest which you can achieve without any compliments at all.

Don’t wait too long

It’s a sad truth, but lots of guys wait for too long before they ask a girl on a second date because they are afraid to be pressing. And it’s been 2 weeks, so she’s afraid you didn’t like her, and she goes out with another guy. You don’t want to hurry that much. Don’t text her with an invitation on a second date as soon as she gets home. That’s just creepy. Especially don’t do it to Russian wives. You better want to ask how she got home and whether she is safe. In order to ask her for a second date, wait a couple of days. It’s an ok pause just to think about each other and really start missing her.