Don Burton: Get Every Underground Fact about Late Lead Singer Dolores O’ Riordan Ex-Husband

Little Intro on Don Burton’s Profile


Don Burton, a famous Canadian Music Executive who is best known for his notable work as a tour manager of the renowned award-winning British band, Duran Duran. Besides his works, he came into limelight after having a deep relationship with the Irish singer and The Cranberries band member, Late Dolores O’ Riordan. And how many of you know that Don is full fond of animals and a real animal lover. That’s why in one interview with O’ Riordan, she told that “Don, who’s a Canadian, loved horses, so being around the animals and enjoying the farm was an amazing experience. Then we decided to move to Canada to be closer to family. It’s a beautiful country with a lot to offer. We lived in a log cabin, surrounded by bears, wolves, and all that great outdoor stuff.” The lovely couple was blessed with three beautiful children namely Taylor, Molly, and Dakota.

But unhappily, their 20 years married life came into end when the two finally decided to split up due to some personal reasons. Every time when the topic comes to split-up, all the people are always curious about the children. And Don and Dolores’s case was interesting, the news came out that the full custody of their children goes to Don after their separation.

Slight info on Burton’s Ex-Wife: Dolores O’ Riordandon-burton-ex-wife-dolores

Dolores O’ Riordan aka Dolores Mary Eileen O’ Riordan was born on 6th September 1971 in Ballybricken, Co Limerick to Eileen and Terence O’Riordan. An Irish musician and singer-songwriter, Dolores was one of the top lead singer of the rock band, The Cranberries. After the big success of the Band, it took a break in 2003 and reunited after 6 years in 2009. In May 2007, Dolores released her first solo album, ‘Are You Listening’ and just after two years she came up with the next album, ‘No Baggage’ were a big hit at that time. With her lilting, mezzo-soprano voice made her different from other singers.

Further, in two season‘2013-2014’ of ‘The Voice of Ireland’, O’ Riordan seemed as a judge and later joined the trio D.A.R.K. in 2014. After facing so many ups and down in her life, this gorgeous lady suddenly died on 15 January 2018 in England during her recording session. Her unexpected death was shocking for every fan and till today she and her songs remained alive in every fan’s heart.

A Glance at Burton’s Early History and his Notable Works

The good-looking animal lover, Burton was born on 27 January 1962 in Canada. Born and grew up in Canada, Don was interested in the music field since his childhood age. Though his passion was in music, as a son he also joined his father’s trucking business as an administrative officer. Later in the early 1990s, he was chosen as a tour manager of the popular British new band, Duran Duran. And finally, after 4 years interval, Burton became the manager of The Cranberries in 1994.

During his service time, he had a sweet relationship with the same Cranberries Rock Band lead singer, Dolores O’ Riordan. They both were so much in love that’s why Dolores had made a tattoo with his name on her right shoulder. However, before having a knot with this beautiful lady, Don was already a married guy and had a lovely child named Donny Burton. But after meeting with his love life, Dolores who was nine years younger than him finally tied up in 1994 in Holy cross Abbey, Tipperary, Ireland and after a couple of years, both were blessed with three lovely children.

How Don Burton met Dolores O’ Riordan?don-dolores-wedding

When talking about their first encounter, the love bird met when The Cranberries toured with Duran Duran in early 1994. While in one conversation when the topic came about their first meeting, O’ Riordan simply laughed and said that “The Cranberries tour manager said to me: ‘He really likes you.’ I remember thinking he was very big — he is 6ft four or five. I remember thinking, ‘Jesus, he would be too big for me. I wouldn’t be able for him!'” Further, she added, “I had a skinhead and Doc Martens and I didn’t think he’d go for my kind of thing. I thought he’d go for mainstream and blonde. I think he liked me because I was weird and different.” After knowing each other, they finally decided to get engaged and tied their knot in July 1994. As stated earlier, they had altogether three children. The first one was Taylor Baxter Burton (November 23, 1997), second Molly Leigh Burton (January 27, 2001) and the last one was Dakota Rain Burton (April 10, 2005).

Before Divorce How was Burton’s Relation with Riordan?

Their married life was just too perfect and they always kept supporting each other. Even in December 2013, while taking an interview with an Irish girl, she told that “I’m in a place of great happiness. I’ve never been happier or as calm or contented in my life. I have the greatest husband in the world in Don and we have the most amazing kids.” Further adding, “He showed me that life is not about success but about having fun.” Riordan frankly shared one funny part of their honeymoon in Dingle and the Aran Island by saying one night they forgot to pitch a tent and wound up sleeping in a garden in front of a church.

In November 2014, just before their separation, O’ Riordan got arrested and charged for assaulting a police officer and an Aer Lingus air hostess at Shannon Airport. From the sources, it came up that Dolores angrily told a police officer, “You can’t arrest me. I’m an icon. I’m the queen of Limerick. You don’t know who you are dealing with. I pay my taxes so I pay your wages and I am going to sue.” This case came to an end in February 2016 by charging O’ Riordan to donate $6600 to the court’s “poor box”. Though spending 20 years together, surprisingly the duo decided to split up and got divorced in 2014.

Reason Behind Star Dolores O’ Riordan Death

The death news of Dolores was totally difficult to accept for her loved ones, especially, her former husband and lovely kids. Dolores unexpected death made everyone in shock and it was said that during her death she was in London for a short recording session. Her mother, Eileen told that all of her children knew that their mother was not well and in January 2018, she passed away. She further stated in her daughter side that “She’s going through a union separation right now. This’s difficult for anybody. ” However, the main reason behind her death was still unknown. And According to the New York Times, Dolores’s death was announced by a publicist without revealing the cause of death. However, some rumors claimed that Dolores might have committed suicide because of her 20 years relation was broken up. Although today she was not here with us, she and her beautiful voice always remained alive in her fan’s heart.

For most of the people, it was easy to pull through from their divorce but the death news is the worst thing which gives anyone a big heartbreak. And talking about Burton love affair after split-up with Dolores, there were no rumors about his relationship. He was totally single and has not been linked with anyone and living a happy life with his beautiful children.