Kimberly Anne Scott: Some Untold Facts about Eminem’s Ex-Wife

Eminem is one of the well-known rappers in Hollywood who has delivered hit albums like Mockingbird, Bad Husband, and many others. He often depicts his personal life and his love for his daughters through his songs. But, going out of his taste, he has shown hatred through the album ‘Kim’. Kimberly Anne Scott aka Kim is the ex-wife of Eminem. They were college sweethearts who were head over heels in love. But, what caused their relationship sour? Who actually is Kimberly Anne Scott? Where is she now? And what is she doing nowadays? Let’s know in detail about her.



Life Before Fame 

Kim in her early life

Kimberly Anne Scott was born on January 9, 1975, in Warren, Michigan, United States. Kim has a twin sister named Dawn Scott who died in 2016 due to drug overdose. They were raised by their mother, Kathleen Sluck, and stepfather Casimir Sluck.

Kim and her sister Dawn’s childhood wasn’t a bed of roses. Their childhood was troublesome. They had to deal with their abusive alcoholic stepfather who used to assault them sexually. As a result, Kim and Dawn ran away from home. After that, they started living at Youth Home in 1998. 

How did Kim and Eminem begin their Relationship?

Kim and Eminem were college sweethearts who began their love as a teenager in 1987. Eminem was just fifteen and Kim was just 13 years old when they first bumped into each other. 

Kim first saw Eminem at their mutual friend’s party where the rapper was singing the song “I am Bad” standing half-naked on the table. Kim then instantly developed feeling towards him. Eventually, Eminem was interested and they ended up talking the whole time they were at the party. This was eventually the beginning of their volatile relationship. 

Kim and Eminem: Volatile Relationship 

As soon as they started spending more time together, the duo felt the chemistry between them. They officially commenced their relationship in 1989 when both of them were attending high school. After their first meeting, Eminem took Kim and her sister to the place where he was living with his mom. 

Then, they began living together despite his mother not liking their relationship. But later on, they moved to a new place for a fresh start. Meanwhile, Kim conceived their first child Hailie which was a twist in their relationship. By that time, they already were having on and off the relationship. However, Eminem stood by her side throughout her pregnancy journey. 

Eminem and Kim with Hailie

In order to financially support his growing family, Eminem worked as a bartender at St. Claire Shores. Moreover, he participated in different rap battles struggling to get a big break in his career as a rapper. Fortunately, while performing he caught the attention of Marky Bass, a local producer at the time. Marky has played a prominent role in uplifting Eminem’s career.  

Finally, on 25th December 1995, they welcomed their daughter Hailie Jade Mathers. After her arrival, Eminem struggled hard in a bid to give his daughter a better life which almost ended his career as a rapper. However, Kim and Eminem parted their ways the same year Hailie was born. While she moved to a one-bedroom apartment with her newly born, Eminem stayed back with his mother. 

Kim always had a troubled relationship with Eminem. But, she didn’t let those troubles end her relationship with him forever. Even though they had a rift, they gave a second chance to their relationship and got married in 1999 at St. Joseph Mo after two years of their first break. 

Kim's marriage with Eminem

Regarding their on and off the relationship, Eminem’s friend has made a comment in an interview with Rollingstone and told: 

 “One time we (He and Eminem) came home and Kim had thrown all his clothes on the lawn — which was, like, two pairs of pants and some gym shoes. So we stayed at my grandmother’s, and Em’s (Eminem) like, ‘I’m leaving her; I’m never going back.’ The next day, he’s back with her. The love they got is so genuine, it’s ridiculous. He gonna end up marrying her. But there’s always gonna be a conflict there.”

After a couple of years of tying the knot, the duo moved into opposite directions ending their marriage saga. The reason behind their split-up is assumed to be the song Kim where he mentioned killing her. The song was enough to create the rift between their deteriorating relationship. 

Reconciling their Relationship Again But Didn’t Last Forever

After their divorce, then and again, Kim and Eminem crossed their paths for the sake of Hailie. Despite ongoing differences, they ended up seeing each other a lot due to Hailie. Both parents loved their child Hailie immensely, and Hailie worked as the medicine to their ruined relationship. 

Fortunately, after five years of separation, the duo again reconciled their love and got each other’s back. They dated for a year before deciding to marry again in 2006. Kim told in her autobiography that she wasn’t ready for the re-marriage. She thought it was going too fast.

However, their second marriage also didn’t last long, and just after a couple of months in April 2006, the couple again parted their ways. Their divorce was settled in $10 million being received by Kimberly. 

Kimberly Anne Scott Kids: Alaina, Hailie, and Whitney

Kim and Eminem were married twice nothing could save their marriage. They are brought together by music and also separated by the music. However, their union has produced them a daughter Hailie Jade Mathers. Apart from her, Kim is also a mother to Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers.

Among them, Hailie and Whitney are her biological kids whereas Alaina is adopted. While she was living away from Eminem, Kim involved with a tattoo artist Eric Hartter and conceived Whitney. Eric was a drug addict who was always running far away from the laws. On the other hand, Kim was also struggling with her drug addiction. So, both of Whitney’s parents were unable to raise her. 

Likewise, Alaina is the daughter of Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott. She was a drug addict and died due to drug overdose in 2016. So, Eminem ended up adopting both Alaina and Whitney for their better future. 

Due to Kim’s legal difficulties, he full custody of her daughters is received by Hailie. Eminem is working hard to be a better father for them. He often mentions them in his songs. There’s no doubt how much he loves his three daughters. 

Her Ups and Downs in Life

Ever since her separation from Eminem, Kim’s life hasn’t been easy. From going through suicide attempt to getting arrested, she has passed through all the obstacles.

In 2000, Eminem witnessed his wife kissing a friend named John Guerra in the parking of a night club in Michigan. Out of anger, he hit the man and was arrested for the same. The incident took a bigger picture when Eminem releases the album ‘Kim’ and mentioned about murdering her. Further, he insulted Kim with a blow-up doll stand-in at one of his concerts in Detroit. After the incident, Kim felt humiliated and tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. 

In 2001,  Kim was arrested for DUI but wasn’t proved guilty. Further in 2003, she was arrested with two bags of cocaine for unsafe driving. For DUI, she was kept on probation and was fined $900. However, she was sentenced to one month jail after she violated her probation by Shelby TWP Court. 

Likewise, in October 2015, she crashed her car and stroked the pole after driving by taking pill and alcohol. Despite the difference in the past, she has a warm relationship with her ex-husband Eminem while they are not romantically involved.

Getting Supported By Former Flame and His Apology 

Dealing with depression is never easy unless you get help from your friends and family. Kimberly who has attempted suicide and was on the treatment of drug addiction was helped by Eminem to overcome her problems. Kim has acknowledged her former husband for stepping up during the time of need. She said: 

He’s been real supportive. We’re really close friends. We’re just trying to raise our kids together and make it as normal for them as possible. 

Over the years, the duo has maintained a healthy relationship keeping aside their differences. Moreover, on the song ‘Bad Husband,’ the rapper has apologized to Kim for his bad behavior in the past. 

Career and Net Worth

Scott is an author and freelance illustrator who works in the world of children’s books, greeting cards, puzzles, licensing, calligraphy, and others. Her works are ‘The Terrible Time Without Tilly’ and ‘Monty Wins the Cup’ for Egmont.

Kim earns a handsome amount of money from her fruitful career. From the various sources, her net worth is summoned at around $2 million.